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Attention, Duelists! For the next week I will be away from my main blogging computer most of the time. If I can make it to a place with decent internet, I may post a few more days of Christmas, but my knowledge of this impending trip is why I called it 12-ish days. I’m sorry for non-completeness.

But hey! I still have a tiny bit of news: The Anime Network has kicked off a free streaming broadcast service for anime, and the series they’re premiering it with is none other than Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. If you haven’t seen it yet or are looking for a way to support the series, or just want to support new ways of showing anime, I strongly suggest checking it out. They will put up a new episode each week and the episodes will be staying up for several weeks at a time. I consider this a great way to both show my support and watch a wonderful series again. The internet is the future, and streaming broadcasts are a great way to do things. That said, it’s still a bit buggy, but besides that it’s just as good as watching, say, Heroes through streaming broadcast (which is how I kept up this last season.)

So go! Watch some anime for free! Sure it has advertisements. Who cares? Video Quality is good, translation is good (my only quibble being “Team Gurren” as the translation for Gurren-dan, but that’s a minor comment) and once you get around the bugs things are great.