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dtzav.bmpA few months ago, I saw the trailer for the Wachowski Brother’s latest Live Action CGI-overload film Speed Racer, based on the anime of the same name. I had never seen the Speed Racer anime, so a fanboy response was not elicited from me. Instead, I felt an urge to laugh at what I was seeing; the hairstyles, the CGI, the colors, everything felt like it was trying to be live action anime, something that I felt would never work well.

So I was anticipating the film to be a major trainwreck, and I wanted to see it for the humor value. One of my friends, for whom Speed Racer was part of his childhood when it was on network television, was expecting something entirely different: he was expecting a good film.

Flash forward to its opening night last night. I’d seen some extremely mixed reviews, but still wanted to see it anyway. The reviews pointing to it being good and the reviews pointing to it being bad said the exact same thing that made me think it would be a trainwreck: it was a live action cartoon, and felt like it.

So I went with a small group of friends, including the aforementioned friend who was expecting it to be good.

At the end of the film, I turned to said friend and said this.

“That was film had some of the cheesiest dialogue and plot I have ever seen. And I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.”