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While Dio and I were coming up with a better way of handling stuff for our year-end blowout after our music post sort of slipped and fell on its rump by being a huge wall of text, I came across a fun little post by Owen S over at Cruel Angel Theses about the Anime Blogging Collective. In reading it, he proposed a fun, unofficial project with the idea of for the 12 days leading up to Christmas do reflection posts about anime, manga, light novels or what have you.

I rather enjoyed this idea, as it has been a while since I got to do anything semi-serious aside from that fansub debate post, which I think hit the internet about two weeks too early considering thanksgiving week the big Justin Sevakis open letter to the industry came along to really push things into the hot button zone. (I felt no need to respond since my opinion is there 16 days in advance of Sevakis.)

That said, it’s kind of hard to come up with 12 different reflection topics, and at the moment I’m not exactly in a “talk about ANIME” mood. I just finished my last final in undergraduate college today, and I’m feeling a bit more introspective. Thus, I’ve decided to use my first reflection post to reflect a little on my first year of blogging.


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