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Emonaut - The Dragonaut Thumbnail Theatre
Episode 5: 2 EEE A Master?
(Warning: Long Post is Long.)

*Five years ago, at a Gillard Army Research Lab*

Butch Naked Lady: Nice egg… good egg…

Gio Ball Your breasts are too large to have resonance. Please try again in your next life. Have a nice day.

Butch Naked Lady: KANEDAAAAAAAAAAAA! *Explodes*

Garnet Hmph, another failure. Oh well, at least mars has no shortage of morons to volunteer for this kind of thing. One word about the possibility of being fondled by our great Prince as a reward for success and they just come on running. Send in the next victim.

*Gonzo? I question the need for exploding naked females. I don’t think they’ll help this series like you think they’ll help this series.*