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dtzav.bmp Since the first comment on the previous primer was one requesting a review of the first episode from someone who knows the series (presumably unlike, say, our friend psgels over at Star Crossed, who had mixed feelings about the first episode. At least he did enjoy our main characters after they got warmed up, I was worried he’d be turned off by their silliness) I feel more than obligated to oblige.

So, here it is. Episode 1 of Slayers Revolution from a fan perspective.

To put it mildly, I have never been happier watching a first episode of anime in my life. I was smiling the whole way through, smiling so much it hurt.

Captain Jack
Ya know who is more badass than Captain Jack Sparrow?

Lina Mothafuckin Inverse
Lina Mothafuckin’ Inverse, that’s who.