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I don’t know if I agree with everything that DTZ says (partly because I haven’t seen a few of the series mentioned.) So instead of a commentary on quality, I’m going to do some brief summaries of random shows this week. I know a few sites that seem to do real quality on brief statements, such as the video game reviews of Something Awful, so lets try that. All reviews are considered to be Ep 1 only unless indicated otherwise.

One Sentence Reviews

Romeo X Juliet: When Shakespeare is turned into comic relief in a show of his own play, you know that accuracy isn’t the top of the line, but does every new character have to be named after someone in ONE of his plays? 6.5/10

Lucky Star: Six minutes and fifteen seconds lost watching girls talk about the right way to eat snack food is time I could have spent banging my head against the wall to erase the theme song, but other than that, maybe its ok. 7/10

Shining Tears X Wind: How can you not love a show in which random encounters are visually represented, as portals, and there’s a random two toned wing bishie walking around? Also, hot chicks can produce swords at random from their body, as many other animes have explained to us before. For comedic value, 8.5/10, otherwise 6.5/10

Kamichama Karin: The opening sequence suggests that the series will end up in a time loop, due to a strange time reversal/flashback thing. Kami grant this doesn’t become representative of the show taking forever, my mind can’t take the weird confusion and randomness of it. 6/10

Gigantic Formula: “Wow, shes cute! Whoops, I said that out loud. Sorry, I just blurt out things that occur in my mind without thinking.” Nice job digging the hole, kid, but at least hes not terminally shy and unassertive. Potenially 7/10

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha eps 1-2: A quality shoujo style series continues to deliver, but does anyone miss the ferret boy, cause i do. 9/10

Darker than Black: Its fun to nod along with a bunch of stuff they don’t explain and pretend you get it. 7/10

Hayate the Combat Butler ep 1-2: The moral of this story is, God hates the indestructable, they represent a giant target. 8.5/10

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 1-2: I find myself thinking of Megas XLR more than i should, but its fun stuff. 8/10