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Well, this is a pleasant surprise. After three weeks of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei goodness, something to break the weirdness monotony.

It’s a shame it is from Shining Tears X Wind, because that means it probably will leave permanent scarring.

I’m putting it after a more to protect YOU.

WARNING: The following Video Clip is NSFS (Not Safe for Sanity).

You’ve been warned. From Shining Tears X Wind Episode 12, since Dio Bravo is probably too lazy to post it and I can’t think of a single thing that’s better, here it is: the single most terrifying Soul Blade Pull EVER. (For further reference on Soul Blades, see Dio Bravo’s WTF Post from way back when.)

For a little bit of context:
It’s the last battle. Kiriya and Emperor Promiscuous have joined the fight against Gay Evilmoth Thing with their ultimate Soul Blades, called Holy Grails, which are pretty much the sex sword symbol equivalent of Best They’ve ever had. But even with these awesome “swords,” they can’t beat gay evilmoth.

Souma has pulled a sword from pretty much every other member of the cast that’s in his harem, including the lizardman. None of them meet this criteria. As he’s looking for the right sword, Kiriya gets hit, and Souma goes to his rescue.

The rest is pretty much as in the video.

This scene had Dio Bravo laughing his ass off as Dominic Raze apparently scared his roommates by screaming for so long. Can’t blame either of them.