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Been awhile since I’ve posted up one of these, but then again, I finally have time and the material to do so. Hurrah for having no more work to take time away from anime and games. Joy of joys.

In other words, you might possibly be seeing some more actual posts from me.

Today’s WTF Wednesday from Ruan comes from a very amusing show called Potemayo.

Now, I’d not watched any of this show whatsoever until a week or so back. I was getting caught up on the newly released anime, and seeing how things looked. Now, the way I generally do things with a new anime series is I download the first episode, and then skip ahead a little into the episode to get a feel for the animation style and characters, and then skip right back to the beginning and watch it all the way through if something doesn’t immediately through me off.

Well, this somewhat backfired against me with Potemayo… because I skipped precisely to this point:

My personal reaction to this was to have my brain completely crash and sit there watching it with my mouth open in pure WTFness. Then, when my mind rebooted, all that went through it was Weird Al’s Albuquerque where he’s got the weasles on his face.

Come to think of it, that’d make a good short AMV… hmmm….