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Infinite Recursion Mecha


Yes, that is a COCKPIT that the Gurren-Lagann is currently sitting in. I say to thee: HOLY **** ON A **** SANDWICH.


I haven’t posted about Gurren-Lagann as of late. No real reason to: ever since Episode 11, the series has been slowly ramping up the awesomeness. Episode 11 is still one of the most amazing episodes in the series, but until 22, it has just been getting better.


Episode 22 of Gurren-Lagann doesn’t just get better. It undergoes an exponential awesomeness increase by not only showing us one of the largest piloted humanoid mecha ever, but IN THE SAME EPISODE showing us an even LARGER piloted mecha, even if said mecha is an Interstellar Battleship. It also has an explosive space battle and an averted apocalypse, both 5 episodes before the series even reaches its conclusion, and opens up the path to the final story arc.


Yes, it’s just that awesome. It is as awesome as the sum of the 21 episodes that preceeded it.


Arc-Gurren Lagann


(Translation by ADTRW)


The mecha you see above is what happens when a mecha with the ability to combine with any other mecha combines with an interstellar craft mecha capable of carrying 300,000+ people. It is piloted by a mecha who sits comfortably inside a cockpit inside the mouth of the head. The head is still incredibly small relative to other portions of the mecha. In other words, this is a mecha much like the Teppelin Mecha from earlier in the series: Tall enough to reach above the clouds, complete with its own FLEET of smaller mecha. The big difference is that this one is also a fully capable agile humanoid mecha whereas Teppelin was a slow moving base. It’s probably comparable to the Macross SDF-1 in its humanoid form with the agility and combat abilities of a Gundam.


You know what? Describing this guy is a pain in the ass. I think I’ll just show you a little video detailing its creation, its Gattai sequence, and showing of its ability to punch holes through Space-time.



Now let no one say this series has done nothing new. I certainly have never seen this before.


As you can see, pure awesome. But what has lead to this awesomeness? Let me recap the last 10 episodes the series quickly.


So Simon, now appointed leader of the Great Gurren Brigade, takes the reigns of the war against the Spiral King, to liberate the humans that are forced underground by his dictatorship. As the romance between him and Nia slowly builds, Simon takes down the Spiral King’s Navy, Air Force and strongest Ground Tank over the course of a month with the help of the Gurren Brigade, but mostly through his own willpower. Eventually, the site of the final battle is reached, and Teppelin, the Capital of the Spiral King Lord Genome’s rule, is revealed to be a Mecha of scale not yet seen in the series. The Gurren Brigade, backed up by humans from all over the world that have been inspired by their rebellion, begins their final battle, and Simon ultimately defeats the Spiral King in a fight that starts huge (Dai-Gurren vs Teppelin) and slowly but surely gets smaller and smaller until it’s just Simon and Lord Genome without their mecha. As Lord Genome dies, he warns the fledgling leader that once a million humans populate the surface of the world, the moon shall become an agent of the world’s destruction.


Flash seven years forward, and Simon, now Commander in Chief of the Human Government and assisted by his friend Rossiu and his cabinet formed of the former Gurren Brigade, is finally ready to propose to Nia, just as the world is finally back on its feet. There are still problems, of course, but nothing too substantial. However, a catastrophic event occurs as the one millionth child, the child of two of the former Gurren Brigade members, is born: the Human Elimination System, designed by the race that drove humanity back to its home world and forced it into stagnation, the Anti Spirals, activates, and with it the Moon begins to fall towards the planet as faceless mecha known as Mugan begin attacking and worst of all, Nia is revealed to have within her the genetic code of the messenger of the Anti-Spirals. Rossiu takes over the government in a Coup d etat in order to try and alleviate the chaos, even putting Simon on trial for execution as humankind falls into disorder and despair. Simon ends up in jail, and Rossiu tries and tries to come up with a way to save as much of humanity as he can, only to be thwarted at nearly every turn. In jail, Simon meets up with his old rival Viral, a beastman given an immortal body by Lord Genome. Eventually, Yoko comes to break Simon out, and Simon and Viral team up in the Gurren-Lagann to join the now revived Gurren Brigade, and they fly into space to join the space battle between an incredibly huge Mugan fleet against the meager forces of the humans and their Arc-Gurren.


And that leads to this episode.


The plot of the episode moves at the rate it always has in the series: decently fast, but not too fast that you get lost in it. Even then, though, the action in the episode moves at a rate above and beyond even the other two final battles of the series, with the entire enemy fleet destroyed by the halfway point of the episode, capped off by the newly formed Megamecha Arc Gurren-Lagann punching the enemy’s two combined flagships through a hole torn in space-time.


The second half of the episode has less explosive action, but still manages to take the energy its first half gave it, and turns the crisis of the moon’s impending crash into the planet into the final scenario. As Gimmy and Darry, the two ace Gulaparl (mass-produced mecha based on the design of the Gurren-Lagann) pilots of the human fleet and formerly the weird kids that joined along with Rossiu, take control of Arc Gurren-Lagann, Simon and Viral fly inside the moon (revealed to actually be the former flagship of Lord Genome, Cathedral Terra, after being taken over by the Anti-Spirals) in order to reactivate it and stop the impending apocalypse. Inside, Simon is blocked by Nia, who up to this point had seemingly been taunting Simon, trying to push him into despair, every time she appeared before him in her new Anti-Spiral form. However, Simon manages to break through to her this time, using her inability to completely throw away her human side as an emotional appeal, and manages to get her to move aside. Simon reactivates the moon, transforming it into its original form, which is revealed to be the same battleship from the introductory sequence of episode 1.


Cathedral Terra


That’s no Moon. Hell, that ain’t even a mere Space Station.


In other words, we’re already looking at a mecha comparable to the largest mecha ever designed, since TTGL makes no distinction between its humanoid and battleship type ganmen. And if that doesn’t count, I wouldn’t put it past those guys at Gainax to finish out the series by having the Arc Gurren Lagann gattai with the Cathedral Terra to form Super Special Awesome Gurren Lagann that’s the biggest humanoid mecha ever.


Yeah, the Holy Shit Quotient for this episode was so far off the charts it has its own orbit now. Truly the most amazing episode yet in the series by a fair margin. Final story arc, and Epic Space Opera finale, HERE WE COME!