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Well, THIS is a first. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, despite being a semi-humorous mecha series, has not yet managed a WTF Moment. Most of the time it’s too busy being awesome. This week, however, not only did it pull off the usual levels of awesome (not at episode 22 levels, but still awesome) it in doing so managed to create a wonderful WTF Moment. When I showed it to Tsuruya-san, she agreed completely. Here was her reaction:

LOL-Fang-Tan the Fashion Police
Yeah, that’s right.

So what warranted this reaction? Find out, after the more…
Episode 23 of Gurren Lagann was a bridge episode between the third story arc and the fourth, resolving the character Rossiu and putting the Dai-Gurren Brigade back where they belong: on the bridge of a Cool Ship, the Cathedral Terra, renamed the Hyper-Galactic Great Gurren by Simon. With the new cool ship came new outfits. Most of the crew’s outfits are pretty much non-offensive, though a bit goofy. However, our three MAIN characters, Yoko, Viral and Simon, all got some rather… humorous upgrades.

I agree with the green haired girl with a speech impediment.

Within this sequence, there are three outfits that stand out. Yoko’s over-the-top spacebabe outfit shows that when it comes to her, more is less. Viral looks like he’s wearing blue pajamas and a red scarf (I bet camp gay Leeron dressed him after coming on to him most of the episode.) And then there’s Captain Garlock Simon, who actually does look fairly awesome, aside from the weird neck corset. I mean, he’s really wearing what he wore the entire first half of the series. Still looks ridiculous. And strangely, I want to cosplay him.

…What? What are you looking at me like that for?