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Hiya, folks. Dio’s back, and I’m sure that there is much rejoicing from the masses. I’ll be taking the reigns of today’s Amazing Episode, which will not shock anyone in the least. Surprise, suprise, today we have Gurren Lagann 25. Kinda worried about the quality of my work, due to me not doing much recently.


Quiet, you.
That sounded wrong, somehow. Anyways. It is actually becoming redundant by this point, but this show continues to grow with each episode, becoming ever more insanely awesome and head explody. This episode is truly incredible, a heart rending display of awesome. Bear with me, folks, im just trying to decide the best way to say it. Just know that if you have not seen this episode, even more than the normal spoiler tags, do NOT read this. All must see this episode without prior knowledge.

First, a Recap. When last we left off, our brave heroes had stopped the entire moon from falling on the planet by turning it into a gigantic spaceship. In the two episodes since then, Simon worked to bring Rossiu back from a terminal depressed state, left for space with most of the cast not Rossiu or his friends, and found themselves in a fight with a much deadlier AntiSpiral force. Six separate characters, Zoushi, Kidd, Ailac, Makken, Jougan and Barinbou, died in the first fight, overwhelmed by numbers and viciously deadly mechs. In a last gamble, Simon worked to create the Infinite Recursion mech, by having Gurren Lagann, inside Arc Gurren Lagann, try to transform their giant ship, called the Chouginga Dai Gurren, into another Gurren Lagann. However at the last minute before the transformation, the Anti Spirals forced the ship into a ocean in the middle of space (yeah, it doesnt make sense, but does this show have to make sense? I dont think so.) which drained away their energy, leaving them trapped and powerless.

And now, the conclusion.

This episode doesn’t let up on the tension and fear the last episode created, yet the speed of events is decidedly slower, creating instead a claustrophobic fight against time. With their power supply drained, and trapped in a “super high density space”, which apparently turns vacuum into water, the Brigade desperately tries to break its way out. Simon works to pump as much energy into the ship as possible directly through his Spiral power, but with an environment specifically created to drain that energy away and use it against the source, he fights a losing battle, though with great vigor. Enough that he makes headway in rising the ship. However, this seems to convince the Antispirals to work that much harder, holding the ship down.

After a brief skirmish with the enemy with the remaining Space Ganmen, a mysterious, mocking voice, clearly that of an Antispiral, proclaims the futility of their actions. This whips Simon into action again, upon seeing the graveyard of Spiral ships that this “ocean”, the Death Spiral Machine, is filled with. He chooses not to try to escape, but to dive to the deepest part of the ocean and destroy the source machine. This also allows us to see something we never expected.


Spiral Mole Power!!!

Ok, did anyone see that coming? It seems that somehow, even the expert, the floating head, doesn’t know how, Boota has become a battery of spiral energy. Cool, but really WTF.

This only buys time, of course. The first attempt to destroy the machine fails due to missiles not being able to handle the supreme density of the center zone. With no time left, a character we never expected takes the forefront. Kittan, one of only a handful of pilots left, takes the missile into his own hands. After kissing Yoko, of course. No regrets!

In a sequence beyond words, including the most amazing bit of music I’ve heard yet from this show, Kittan flies his Ganmen into the very center of the Death Ocean, and breaks a hole in the barrier around the machine. But then his Space Ganmen implodes, and all is apparently lost. Until he appears again. Space Ganmen are, after all, similar to Arc GL in that they are larger versions of the original mechs that the old mech sits inside and pilots. With a broken drill from Gurren Lagann, Kittan throws himself into the machine… doing something amazing as he does.


The eyes of a man.
Activating Spiral Energy at the last second, Kittan turns the drill into his own, creating a Giga Drill Impact. Goodbye, friend.

With that, the ocean breaks apart, turning into pure Spiral Energy, that activates the ship’s transformation instantly. Simon, resolved once and for all, rises from the ocean in his new mech, ready to destroy the massive faceballs that threaten them.


Even in a mech the size of the moon, they are still dwarfed. But does it matter? HELL NO!
Next time, the war finally begins in truth. The losses have been heavy. There is only one functional Ganmen left to pilot, and most of the pilots are dead as well. But now, wielding a weapon greater than any before, we will see what happens.

Does anyone want my prediction for what happens? Too bad, you’re getting it. I don’t know the details, but I cling to one fact. This has become a Space Opera. And does anyone else know what wins a Space Opera? The power of Love. Not to mention in the opening, there is one more mech silhouette to explain. Everyone, say it with me! Fight the power!