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Ahhhh, now that I have all that Gurren Lagann out of my system I feel like getting back into writing about other things. In fact, writing this weekend gave me a better idea of where I want to go with this blog. Doing episode summaries isn’t really my thing; I like to do first impressions of series, chronicle their weirdest moments, and then in the end write reviews of the series as a whole. And maybe an essay here or there. In fact, time allowing my next essay and/or review should appear this weekend.

And thus, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? Wednesdays are evolving into Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? Weekdays, with WTF!? Moments appearing as I call them rather than on a specific date. Unless I’m doing a post such as this for that day. This means the first WTF!? Weekday will be tomorrow (I need to observe my first moment of the fall season. Yes.)

But without further ado, here’s a batch of five first impressions for the new season.

Dragonaut: The Resonance

God hates Jin
Proof that God hates you 1: You survive not only the freak accident that kills your family, but the fall from it as well.

Kid goes on spaceflight with family. Before reaching orbit random meteor-like thing decimates the spacecraft, killing everyone on board except the kid. Several years later, same kid, now rather depressed and lonely, gets caught up in the activities of a strange group of people with uncertain morals and the monsters they seem to be fighting. Elsewhere, big breasted women do cryptic things. Every hairstyle in the world is ridiculous. In the end, the kid is saved from a monster by a mysterious girl and determines he is no longer alone.

In all honesty, this episode felt like it was trying to be serious, but I mostly found it hilarious. The main character has a fairly good reason to be angsty (his family died in a horrific freak accident) though I do wonder why he hasn’t kept in touch with his childhood friend. Doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at him, especially when he has precisely two modes: Emo Mode and Scared Mode. Somewhere along the lines, CGI dragons are probably gonna enter the show, which might be cool. Though given this year’s track record for CGI dragons (Eragon, Lair, D-War) I’m keeping my expectations low. Hopefully the unintentional humor stays.

First Impression: Favorable so long as it stays fun and avoids frustrating.


God hates Kaiji
Proof that God hates you 2: Not only do you have all the luck of Hayate with none of the superhuman strength, but your nose and chin are so sharp you’re not allowed to fly on airplanes.

Kaiji is a guy who serves as an example for what would have happened to Hayate if he had no marketable skills. Like superhuman strength. Or charming good looks. When a debt with Yakuza is thrusted upon him after a friend of his dies, Kaiji is forced to either earn the money to pay it back for the rest of his life or enter a gambling tournament with more than a few evil twists to try and either earn the money back or spend several years in prison to work it off. The game of this high-stakes psychological warfare battle? Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Yes. Yes I do like this series. The art is unique, with thick lines and strange facial design working quite nicely with the gritty feel of the show. Kaiji is just enough of an unfortunate bastard that you like him even when he slashes the tires of a BMW when he can’t find the right kind of hood ornament to steal. This looks to have the potential to be an interesting unconventional story, possibly in the same psychological warfare vein as Death Note.

First Episode Impression: I’ll be rooting for that poor bastard this whole way through.

Gundam OO

God hates Setsuna
Proof that God hates you 3: You live in the Gundam Multiverse. Where angels are Mecha.

I have never watched a Gundam series all the way through. I sorta kinda watched Gundam Wing and am in the middle of the enjoyably silly/stupid G-Gundam, but I have never completed one. So therefore, my hype levels for this series were rather low… until I found out that it not only is in a new Gundamverse, but also one of my favorite directors, Seiji Mizushima (Slayers Next, Fullmetal Alchemist, Oh-Edo Rocket) was heading up the project. That’s when I decided to give it a try.

I might need to watch with a fansubbing group with a better grasp on grammar, but in general the series got off to an interesting start, even if it was mostly incoherent babble about future plot points and action. Will give this a bit more time to see what it’s really about. Aside from having the religious undertone mecha.

First Episode Impressions: It looks like a shiny new Gundam show. Whether that’s good or bad is anyone’s guess.

Blue Drop

God hates Mari
Proof that God hates you 4: Your new roommate is a bipolar freakjob with glowy eyes and a tendency to choke new friends.

Wow. That was WEIRD. I have no idea what really happened beyond rude girl with apparently partial amnesia gets shipped off to a boarding school, where the headmistress is a bitch and her roommate appears to be not of this world. About the only nice person she has met is the shy meganekko.

Will have to see where this series goes, as at this moment I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something oddly interesting to me here.

First Episode Impressions: WEIRD. EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

Night Wizard

God hates Renji
Proof that God hates you 5: Your boss forces you to fight monsters instead of letting you attend school like a normal high schooler. By force, if necessary.

Life as a tabletop RPG character sucks. You are often subjected to the evil whims of a crazy GM, and worst of all, the GM may actively work to prevent your character’s true goals at every step of the way. Such is apparently the life of Hiiragi Renji, a japanese high schooler who continually is whisked away by his sadistic boss and forced to fight monsters every time he tries to go to class. It’s equally hard for the new girl in school Shihou Elis, who rather than being given an OPTION in what club she wishes to join, is abducted in Haruhi-fashion to join the Astronomy club with its single member, a Miko who points out such interesting campus landmarks as the Mysterious Transmission Tower.

Based on a silly japanese tabletop RPG and including the voice talent of Yuko Goto as Bell Zephyr, the world’s equivalent to Beelzebub, I went into Night Wizard looking only for a fun story that doesn’t take itself all that seriously, and boy did it deliver. This show is hilarious! Plus, the fantasy technomagic action is actually not that bad, and the characters seem fun. I really hope it stays this fun, though if it grows an interesting plot I won’t mind.

First Episode Impressions: I want more of this. It is made of fun.