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I told you I was gonna do WTF on more than just Wednesdays. But did you believe me? Noooooo. Then again, you probably didn’t care. Since you probably didn’t read it.

It’s Tuesday, the 9th of October, and we’re kicking off WTF Weekdays with a little something from Dragonaut, wherein emokids make tautologies.

Tautology: Now in Emo
Isn’t he clever, folks? Let’s give him a hand for working that out!

But emo tautology isn’t the focus of this WTF Weekday. Oh no. We’ve got something much, MUCH better planned for you all. More after the more! (ooo, I can tautology too!)

An interesting thing a friend pointed out to me was that Uchiha Sasuke of Naruto has a haircut that resembles the butt of a duck. This duckbutt phenomenon is not unique. It seems to appear when a normally happy kid has his whole life torn to shreds. Take Jin, for example. Obsoive.

Before the accident
Jin before the heartrending accident that kills his whole family and leaves him alone.
After the accident
Jin AFTER the heartrending accident that kills his whole family and leaves him alone.

There appears to be a direct correlation between the emo-levels of an individual and the amount his hair resembles the butt of a duck.

But Jin isn’t the only person in Dragonaut to have an absurd hairstyle. Why, take his obvious love interest, Toa.

This ponytail makes no sense
Someone forgot to inform Toa that the purpose of ponytails is to keep ones hair out of ones face.

Or the resident yuri-couple.

Yuri Hair
Yuri makes hair do strange things. Very strange things. (Yes, dark magenta hair is a girl.)

Or perhaps the lead character’s dad?

Dad's hair
“My hair is a total mess, but don’t worry. I’ll be dead in a few minutes.”

Or perhaps this guy.

Red and Pointy
“Angular facial feature contest, here I come! That Kaiji kid better not get conceited, my hair is a lethal weapon!”

A loli, perhaps?

Loli hair
Loli? More like LOLi! (I’m so going to hell for this post.)

Loli’s butler?

Butler Hair
Three Pronged, Curly, Ponytail… we’re really getting weird now.

Random evil dominatrix, anyone?

BREASTS have arrived!
“My hair might not be absurd enough for the epic hair contest, but my BREASTS are enough for the epic boob contest.”

Random monster of the week?

Duckbutt Mullet
“Duckbutt hair? HAH! I have duckbutt MULLET!”

It is quite clear that a very insane barber is loose in this world.

Wait a minute… could it be?

Fred's been Nauuuuuuughty
“My name is Fred. The words you hear are in my Head. I said my name is Fred.