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Always be polite when offered a meal by friends.

Age is a strange kid. He lives on a planet all by himself, except for the odd sand squid that he rips the limbs off of for food. Oh, and don’t forget his mother, the badly damaged ship system. But this savage boy is apparently part of a remarkably complex plan in order to save a species from extinction. The species being humankind.

And thus we have the basic premise of Heroic Age. At least, the character premise. To tell the truth, I haven’t figured out exactly what to make of this yet, but I do know one thing. Its both fascinating in plot, and utterly hysterical at moments. So it is worth a look.

At the very start, in an oddly excessive bit of CGI, we are introduced to the universe. The ancient, super wise and all together awesome Golden Tribe, in days long past, somehow called to other species to “come into the universe”. I don’t quite get it, but I guess it implies cultural uplift to space travel? Anyhoo, what we have are the insectile Bronze Tribe, who travel around in giant black sphere hive things and apparently are just mean, the vaguely defined and barely seen Silver Tribe, who might be technologically advanced, and the race of giant mecha called the Heroic Tribe. The Golden Tribe, obviously bored of the whole “God” routine, decided to call it an eon, and head off on their own. But then they notice that someone left the phone off the hook, and another species answered the call. Humanity, who the Golds, in their need to relate everything to themselves, called the Iron Tribe.

Some long period of time later, we are introduced to a random ship full of humans, including our mysterious princess Deianeira, who apparently no man can get close to or she faints, and a bunch of people including the mech pilot Iolaus (those names specifically were noted for a later purpose.)

They find this planet whre the princess swears they will find some sort of chosen one, a person raised by the Golden Tribe.

What they find, is Age. A wild boy, abnormally strong and resilient, and with the inexplicable ability to turn into a rather huge mecha, which is apparently a form of the Heroic Tribe. This proves him to be the Savior that the humans were looking for, and they take him to the ship. I wonder how that turned out? Let’s see.


That’s right, Princess, first impressions are important.



“I’m just here for the food.”

Best Savior Ever.

Someone must be suspecting that perhaps the wise, infallible, peaceful Golden Tribe were in fact a bunch of rotten bastards who just played the most remarkable practical joke in all of history with a ’savior’.

Eventually everyone gets tired of the random insane kid, which means its time for the evil enemy to attack! Again, the kid turns into the giant mech, blows up all the enemies, but since he started off inside a ship this time, he had to get outside first.

Apparently Explosive Decompression is something that happens to other people.

So, my thoughts on the show so far are generally positive. We have a fairly amusing, hard to predict hero who is just outside most cliches (hes smarter than, say, Goku, another wild boy.), a fairly unusual and unique universe, and some nice mecha and alien designs (cyber centipedes for the win.) The characters aren’t very well defined yet, and there’s a lot of room to go in the plot and the universe, but it’s off to a good start.

And a strange one. There is a certain plot thread running throughout the series, something you sorta have to know. There is a real obsession with Greek Mythology in this show. The name, Heroic Age, and the five tribes, are a hint of the Greek Five Ages of Man (The semi-divine and peaceful Golden Age, the LEsser and impious Silver Age, the near mindlessly destructive Bronze Age, the Heroic Age of demigods and heroes like most of those from the mythology, and the current, weak and struggling Iron Age.) In fact, the running theme seems to be Hercules. There is an overlying mission for humanity called the Twelve Labors, which brings it to mind instantly. Not to mention characters names. So far, I’ve isolated two references. Iolaus is a young companion of Hercules in the mythology, a young boy who, among other things, assisted him in defeating the Hydra. And Deianiera is the name of Hercules’ last wife, who, I should note, inadvertantly kills him due to her jealousy.

So what do we have here? A lot of odd little ideas crammed together, but it seems to be working so far. So who knows whats to come? Not me, but I plan to keep with it.