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You know, sometimes its hard to be a Game Master. I mean, your players are usually easily distracted, whiny, self important children with a propensity towards sociopathic level selfishness. They run rampant over your plots, kill npcs at random, and generally just live to piss you off.

Is it any wonder that many such GMs go a bit malevolent?

If youre wondering what the hell I’m blabbering about, I’m referring to Night Wizard. many people already know that Night Wizard is an anime created from a tabletop RPG. So, let’s think of it that way. When you do, you realize that the series is being run, at least in episode one, by the evil little girl who hands out assignments to the male character. She constantly railroads him down the plot, for one. “Answer this request with either Hai(yes) or Yes.” She has no interest in the protests of the characters. And, of course, lets not forget her skillful use of plot hooks.

But a literal one?

The show also abounded with a plot tree, random encounters, and a Macguffin treasure found. In other words, the main characters are direct PCs in the Night Wizard game, with a GM that chooses to have a cute little smarmy girl as a Avatar. Why not?