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Almost there… almost a full week of updates, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the first week of this blog…

Howdy, folks! It’s high time for another batch of series first impressions from this season, and probably the last stack of these as well, unless one of my partners in anime crime points me to something else fun.

Fortunately, this batch is more full of neat than the first batch. While I really liked Kaiji and Night Wizard, the other series from the first list I’m going to give a chance to catch hold of me a bit stronger. They’re not bad, they just didn’t get their claws in me like Kaiji and Night Wizard. This batch, though… five of six I plan to carry on through at this point in time. This is partly because they remind me of other shows I find neat. This is not a bad thing. So without further ado… CLICK THE MORE! DO IT NOW! NOW! NOW!


This would be prettier if the video quality was better
It’s Mushishi! With a happy family!

Although I’ve not completed the series yet, Mushishi is an absolutely gorgeous series with some wonderful stories about spirits in nature. It’s surreal at times and a bit scary at others, but it’s still a great series

Mokke is sort of Mushishi’s kinder, gentler little sister. It has similar themes of spirits in nature, but instead of a sort of stoic Ginko as a lead we have a pair of sisters, with the older being sort of a guardian for the younger. The Ginko of the series is probably their grandfather, who teaches them how to deal with the various spirits that live around them. First episode was really soothing and cute, and I rather liked it for that. Will keep with this to see where it goes, though so long as it stays Mushishi-lite I think I’ll be happy. Also, the opening theme is absolutely gorgeous.

First Impressions: Cute, soothing, friendly. Will watch more.

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

I blame mermaids for me liking this show
It’s Seto no Hanayome! With a Succubus! (Oh gods kill me now)

Seto no Hanayome has corrupted me. Before I watched it, I hadn’t found a traditional harem-style series I enjoyed (gyakuharem, like Fruits Basket and Ouran, is fun because not only is an inversion of the genre, it avoids the annoying tropes of it as well.) However, Seto, with its awesomely over-the-top gimmick of YAKUZA MERMAIDS captured my heart enough that most of the time I could forget that I was watching a harem series. Well, and Seto Sun is one of my favorite anime females since Haruhi.

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun is alot more traditional than Seto no Hanayome, but its simple gimmick of Shy Moeblob Succubus Female Lead combined with a few great characters here and there, I found myself actually ENJOYING it. However, I could quite clearly tell it was a harem series. And yet I enjoyed it.

Moeblobs piss off Dio, but I’m fairly okay so long as there’s other things that forgive their existence. Haruhi had, of course, Haruhi to offset Mikuru, and SetoHana’s Seto Sun is actually fairly hilarious and badass for being sort of a ditzy mermaid. The offset for the “moeblob that redefines moeblob” that is Mayu is the astoundingly badass and amazing older sister Ryoko. She has her brother strength train by fighting polar bears. She calls her brother IN THE MIDDLE OF A GUNFIGHT to tell him he’s stuck protecting the moeblob. SHE HAS HER CAMERA READY AT ALL TIMES SO SHE CAN VIDEOTAPE THE MOMENT OF HER BROTHERS DEATH WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE.




First Impressions: DAMN YOU MERMAIDS! (I’m watching this show so long as Ryoko’s magnificent evil side never fades.)

Rental Magica

The lesser key of Solomon? Again? Wow, it's all over this anime season.
It’s [insert any of the multitude of magic-based anime I like. There’s alot.]! With High School comedy/drama!


Magic is awesome. No, really. Because my anime history pretty much begins with The Slayers and is littered with awesome fantasy/magic based series of all shapes and sizes, from the occult-ish Escaflowne (Sunrise mecha show. But in fantasyland!), to the hermetic neatness of Fullmetal Alchemist, from Fate/Stay Night to Konjiki no Gash Bell, I just sorta… LIKE magic. In all its forms. Screw scientific coherency. This is ANIMATION. Do something flashy.

Rental Magica is a literal world showcase of magic styling, from European to Shinto, all set in high school setting. I watched it, I enjoyed it, and there’s little more I can say at the moment. Will be watching.

First Impressions: Magic is awesome.

Genshiken 2

Otakus in a room. Not a winning movie title, but it makes a good series.
It’s Genshiken! With… um… Genshiken characters!

One of the biggest cliches among the anime fandom is how much your life resembles Genshiken. Anyone with mileage in anime viewing who sees this series makes some sort of connection with someone… and then gets a little disturbed by the amount of time this little college club discusses porn. And then being further disturbed when you realize that wait… anime fans DO talk about porn that much. But you laugh anyway, because it’s good and kind of looking at a mirror into your life.

So I won’t use that cliche. Instead, I’ll just say that Genshiken 2 looks like it will carry on the torch of the first season… and will reach the good bits that focus on Sasahara and Ogiue’s relationship. I smile at this thought.

“First” Impression: It’s fscking Genshiken, of course I’m going to watch.




ef - a tale of memories

So... so pretty... the girl, and the water...
It’s Haruhi! With utterly amazing art direction and actual romance!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was directly responsible for a shift in my tastes in anime. With its excellent and consistent art, and unique premise, it quickly became one of my favorite series ever.


ef - a tale of memories has nothing OUTWARDLY in common with Haruhi. It’s lower key. It’s more serious. Its art is somehow even more spectacular. And yet, if you were to ask me what it reminds me of… I say Haruhi. I don’t really know why.

Whatever, though. ef has captured my attention in much the same fashion. SHAFT appears to be using their artistic style they pioneered with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and using it to do something actually ARTISTIC. And oh dear lord does it look fantastic. And the plot has me interested on one simple thing: it is a romance story without seeming to be either obnoxious harem or angsty shoujo. It just seems like it’s going to be a good, honest romance story. With amazing art.

First Impressions: *melts at the prettiness of the art* Will watch. Most certainly.

Bamboo Blade

It’s Gurren Lagann! With Kendo and Cutegirls!

Gurren Lagann was, at first, a really fun, rather funny and really awesome mecha show with shounen trappings. And it had Kamina. And that alone made it good.

Bamboo Blade is, in the first episode, a really fun, rather funny and really neat slice of life show with shounen trappings. And it has Kamina. Or at least his VA playing a character that may as well have been Kamina in a past life. And that alone makes it good.

Even without Kamina the Kendo Instructor, though, the series is fun from the get-go. It’s about a Kendo Club going through some hard times. The captain of the Kendo club, Kirino, is a delight, though. She’s not only a good kind of cute, but she’s hilariously half-insane. And then there’s the fun sense of humor that has already earned the series a WTF Weekday when I get around to it… oh, so wonderful.