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Wow, I really should have made this post sooner. Stupid distractions. *Shoots the distractions.*

I have six more first impressions to give before I give my rankings for the fall, so let’s do this. Half of them have been pleasant surprises, and the other half I’m a bit… iffy on.





Tomoyo is made of win and good
Pleasant Surprise 1: Clannad is actually nothing like Air.

I was all set to hate Clannad. I mean, not only is it based on a Key game like Air (a show which I call the best show I’ve ever not liked) but it’s keeping Haruhi season 2 on the back burner. I was set to LOATHE it for that last bit, in fact.

But, a friend convinced me to give it a try, and I was surprised to find a delightfully humorous and occasionally cute and touching show that Air is almost but not entirely unlike.

Thusly, it has gone on the list of things to watch. Fairly high up there at that. I loves my weekly Tomoyo vs Sunohara beatdowns and Fuko stars.

First Impression: I guess I like it after all. I still hate it for keeping Haruhi season 2 away, though. But seriously, I do like it.

Jyushin Enbu - Hero Tales

Stop me if you've seen this.
Strange Outlier 1: Generic Shounen Show is Generic (but not bad so far).

Hiromu Arakawa is one of my favorite mangaka. Her Fullmetal Alchemist manga is great and only continues to improve as the months go by.

While she isn’t the author for Jyushin Enbu, the anime does her style justice at least. And honestly, despite being fairly generic shounen it isn’t too bad. The reason it’s classified as a strange outlier… is because unless it gets better it might get boring fast. I’m still giving it a chance, though. When it comes to shounen shows that appear generic from the onset, you can either turn out with a Busou Renkin or a D-Grey.Man like we had last fall. I’m hoping for a Busou Renkin.

First Impression: Not bad, but not great. Still love the art, though.


Pleasant Surprise 2: Cute and fun slice of life doesn’t disappoint.

Derailed by Darry’s post on the first episode of this show piqued a bit of curiosity for this show that wasn’t there when I was looking at the upcoming fall list. I’m very pleased to report that it’s actually rather fun.

A slice of life show about the Minami sisters, Minami-Ke manages to entertain as it follows the antics of the hard working elder sister Haruka, the rambunctious and crazy middle sister Kana, and the amusingly stoic younger sister Chiaki. The trio is presented in a realistic manner in terms of relationships with a few amusing stretches. The sibling rivalry between Kana and Chiaki makes for a simple relationship that also will likely provide no shortage of humor. And then there’s their classmates, another fun set.

First Impression: Just as DbD said, it’s like Lucky Star, only funny under its own merits.


Microbes... why did it have to be Microbes...
Strange Outlier 2: Not bad, but I ask: THIS is the show bloggers have been hyping this season?

Alrighty, guys, I give up. I don’t get it. I don’t get why so many bloggers seem to adore Moyashimon. C’mon, the fall isn’t THAT barren!

But seriously, it’s not bad. In fact, I rather like the characters so far, and have even managed a few belly laughs in watching it. It has surpassed my expectations in one respect (but then, what can you expect from a show that ANN has listed as Tales of Agriculture?) but I don’t see the same thing everyone else does in it, I guess.

First Impression: Better than I expected, but didn’t feel like it lived up to the hype.


Sketchbook: Cute in a season of cute
Pleasant Surprise 3: Cute and silly slice of life doesn’t disappoint. Wait, Deja Vu.

Derailed by Darry’s comments about this show piqued a bit of curiosity that wasn’t there when the season began. I’m very pleased to report that it is actually rather fun. Whoa, there’s that deja vu again.

My lords is there alot of slice of life this season. It’s as if Lucky Star was a Slice of Life bomb and this fall we’re getting the fallout. It’s hard to pick just a few of them, too. It’s a strange season where the more down-to-earth shows are a touch more interesting than some of the more fantastic ones.

Sketchbook is yet another of these Slice of Life shows, and it’s yet another cute one. Not as fun as Minami-Ke, but definitely not bad. Granted, a bit too many Slice of Life shows probably give you cavities, so at some point I’m probably gonna have to cut back.

First Impression: Cute and fun, just like every other slice of life this season.

Ghost Hound

Ghost Hound Stares into your Soul
Strange Outlier 3: The only show this season to confuse me more than Blue Drop.

You know something? I honestly don’t remember at all what happened in the first episode beyond confusing stuff about dreams and a bunch of random characters. That’s my first impression of this series: it’s barely there beyond “huh. That was weird.”

The series gives Lain vibes, which is likely because there is that connection via director. This isn’t a good thing, as I don’t really like Lain. Regardless, since I’ll give it one more episode to sort out my issues with it. We’ll see how it goes.

First Impression: Not good, but it still has a shot.

DTZ’s Fall 2007 Rankings:

17. Ghost Hound (Your series confuses me.)
16. Blue Drop (As does yours.)
15. Rental Magica (Your series is jumbled. Shape up a bit and let your magic be more awesome.)
14. Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun (Brainless fanservice anime is definitely brainless. And yet I can’t stop watching.)
13. Dragonaut - The Resonance (The only reason you’re this high is because of your humor value. Don’t let that go to waste.)
12. Jyushin Enbu - Hero Tales (The character designer is there. Let’s hope that soon everything else will be.)
11. Sketchbook (Cute and fun, but it’s hard to stand out in a season of slice of life.)
10. Moyashimon (Not the show the rest of the internet makes it out to be, but still fun enough.)
9. Gundam OO (DO SOMETHING ALREADY. I can see that it’s pretty, just do SOMETHING.)
8. Mokke (Still very much Mushishi’s little sister.)
7. Clannad (Much much better than I thought it would be.)
6. Genshiken 2 (So far, doing the manga more than just a little justice. I approve.)
5. ef - A Tale of Memories (Still freaking gorgeous.)
4. Night Wizard (How long has it been since a good old fashioned COMEDY fantasy showed up? Too long, I say.)
3. Minami-ke (The best slice of life show this year. Yes, I said year.)
2. Kaiji (Hayate + Zetsubou + Yu-Gi-Oh - Yu-Gi-Oh Bullshit? Sign me up.)
1. Bamboo Blade (Kaiji is awesome, but its cast just can’t beat Otaku Hero Worshipper or Kamina the Poor Kendo Teacher, sad to say.)