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So, um, yes, I was busy the last few days. Very busy, very busy.

But without further ado, here’s my quick thoughts on stuff I am not blogging (posts on Nanoha, Hayate and Seirei no Moribito should be coming soon!)

Oh-Edo Rocket Episode 3

Now, more than ever, this series needs to be subbed. We hit some major interesting plot this week… at least, what I gleamed off seems interesting. Lots of stuff about Ginjirou and a little about Sora.

Claymore Episodes 2-3

Now here is a series that is getting more and more interesting by the episode. Episode 2 brought up what happens when a Claymore uses their demon side too much, and Episode 3 introduced a monster that’ll take more than a big sword to beat, and substantially weakened Clare in the process by making it so she can’t use that sword. Still episodic, but getting good.

Darker than Black Episode 2

While the first episode was sort of confusing, the second episode did a real good job at making sense. The story gave us payoff and actually explained a little of what the first episode set up. I maintain it was probably a little early in the series to have a two-parter without having explained things, but this episode served as a very good introduction into our main character.

El Cazador de la Bruja Episode 2

This is what Noir and Madlax really needed to be. A Road-comedy type girls with guns series. Fun stops along we way, goofy buddy humor… Oh, and Ellis is an utter RIOT. “Can I get you girls anything to eat? Anything you don’t like?” “Drunkards.” Stoic girls that misinterpret questions are hilarious. Well, okay, there was this one scene that was kinda “Um, what?” but for the most part, a nice side story.

Gigantic Formula Episode 2

Unfortunately, Episode 2 of this show was not nearly as much fun as the first. Our “hero” shifts from humorous to annoying rather quickly, and stops showing off his incredible “intelligence” fairly quickly, making me sad. The robot designs continue to be pretty, though.

Lucky Star Episode 2

OH so much better this time around. Sometimes, jokes about video games, anime, and procrastination are just what the doctor ordered. Now I feel safe in calling Lucky Star a strange cross between Azumanga Daioh and Genshiken

Lucky Channel and Akira are still the best parts of the show, though. SUPER-BITCH SEIYUU TO THE RESCUE!

Shining Tears X Wind Episode 2

More wonderfully cliche adventures in RPG world, complete with the main characters getting outrageous outfits.

Romeo x Juliet Episode 2

And so we drift further and further away from the plot of the original Shakespeare play. Only time will tell where this shall lead. Not much more to say at the moment.

Koutetsu Sangokushi Episode 1

I will die a happy man if I never have to watch another episode of this again.

Kaze no Stigma Episode 1

Weirdest. Family. Ever. Could become interesting, though. Fire swords and wind attacks and stuff.

Lovely Complex Episode 1

About frigging time this season got a good Shoujo series. Hilarious, fast paced comedy with a duo of truly likable characters trying to get past their height complexes and help each other find love. Naturally, it seems most likely the two will fall for each other, but it will take some time for them to realize it. Plus, I love the Kansai-ben. If the second episode is as good as the first, I may start doing true blog posts for this.