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Ok, same as before. I enjoyed doing the fast reviews last week, so I see no reason not to favor everyone with another installment of them. I will only avoid shows I am not actively self blogging.

Koutetsu Sangokushi ep 1: Yawn. Never have I seen a mix of such fierce mediocraty with completely senseless and pointless plot. 2/10

Kaze no Stigma ep 1: Fun so far, but I have to ask, am I the only person in the world who can’t help but think Death Note every time the last name Yagami is used? 7/10

Darker than Black ep 2: Nice job here, with some expansion of story, a few neat tricks, and a genuinely well done twist on the major female character that reminded me of old Noir movies. 8/10

Hayate the Combat Butler ep 3: And thus we learn the sad truth: Hayate is NOT Freeza. 8/10.

Lucky Star ep 2: Well, THAT was a vast improvement, what with the better otaku humor, and NOTHING about food obsessions. 7.5/10

Gigantic Formula ep 2: How did a fun idiot kid suddenly turn into a low rent Shinji? This series is now on my Probation list. 4/10

Romeo X Juliet ep 2: The nerd in me tells me that I am being unfair to this series, but this cynic in me wonders why a fairly simple revenge story got grafted on to the shakespeare name, since it really doesn’t seem to have a real connection to it. 6.5/10

Shining Tears x Wind ep 2: Remember, kids, in RPGs, the Chancellor is almost always evil, especially when he looks reminiscent of Ninetails from Okami. 7.5/10

Gurren Lagann ep 3: They Megas’d the robot! Oh the HUMANITY! Ah well, good times. 8.5/10

Lovely Complex ep 1: A fun mix of weirdness, randomness, and good wholesome romantic comedy, and one has GOT to love human faced battleships getting blown up. 9/10

Ok, that should do it for now.