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Weirdest Musical Chairs game ever

This isnt how you play Musical Chairs!

Well, I decided it was time to put in my thoughts on Bokurano 02. Note, I don’t plan nearly as exhaustive a summary as I did for part 1, so this will be done much faster.


So, I knew I was expecting big things from this series, but even that wasn’t accurate. So much about Episode 2 entirely blew me away. This series seems dedicated to two tasks. One, showing giant robot fights in a way that shows real consequences (A misfired laser blasts an entire mountain into a crater, and the final destruction of the enemy bot floods the city with a tidal surge). Two: Crafting an uneasy, disturbing mystery about these kids and what they have now been forced into.

So in this episode, we get to meet a rather creepy little floating mouse thing that calls itself Dung Beetle(cant be bothered to check the Japanese, so I am going to trust the subber on this one.) It seems to exist as a replacement for the now missing Kokopelli, a sort of teacher about the now named Zearth, the giant robot, and what the children have to do. Note, Dung Beetle is an arrogant, short tempered little beast that seems very carefree about any stakes in this game.

The next scene stuck out in my head. The array of chairs seen in the episode before returns, in their cockpit. However, the chairs have meaning. They seem to be replicas of chairs that exist in the homes or memories of each character, as a favorite or familiar object. (Quick note: Kokopelli sat in a chair that looked like it would not be out of place on Star Trek.) Then there is an adequately creepy image of the chairs spinning around, to see who the first pilot will be. (Shades of Musical Chairs and Russian Roulette mix in my head about this.)

The first to pilot is Waku, a boy who apparently used to play soccer, but gave it up due to frustration at getting his dad to watch him play, or approve of him. He expresses to a friend his disinterest in attention. He said how he would prove to be an unsung hero, who would protect others even without getting any credit for it.

And then a sort of red outline appears on his arm, and the robot fight begins! Today’s challenger is far nastier than the tutorial stage spider, being a fairly agressive giant preying mantis. Waku, as pilot, eventually kicks the thing in two by snapping its torso at its narrowest point.

At the end, they are standing on the top of the robot, looking out, when Jun (the one who hates his sister), nudges Waku with his elbow, trying to get him to stop being “embarassing”, which somehow causes Waku, limp as a rag, to fall over the edge of the robot.


I knew I wasn’t expecting either a comedy or action series for this show, but something about the rawness of Bokurano is starting to dig into me (in a way that could be called good, but creepy.) Waku seemed to be a rather cliche, but honest, hero type. In a normal Mecha series, there is no doubt in my mind he would have been the plucky leader of his crew, the energetic brave character who kept the others going. But instead, he appeared for only a brief time, before simply disappearing from sight. The question becomes, what caused that? Was it a freak accident, or something darker? (the second being my guess).

Bunch of fast thoughts: This is a game. What happens if they lose? Or if they win? Where did Kokopelli go? How can Jun be called a brother when he SLAPS his sister just because of how freaked and stressed out he is? Anyone else getting a Shadow of the Colossus vibe from this whole series so far? Why a Z in Zearth, if its named after Earth, or something. Is that a Japanese translation issue? Waku was first to “sign up” for the game, does this suggest an order? And HOLY CRAP! When is ep 3 coming out!?