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dioav.jpg So, DTZ, what Video Games are you playing these days?

dtzav.bmp Well, I’ve been partaking in Fire Emblem, and am in the middle of a replay of Xenogears, with random bits of Nanaca Crash filling up my spare time. Why?

dioav.jpg To compare, I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy, with several random DS and GBA games I don’t feel like listing, but that’s not the point. I saw the neatest new game the other day.

dtzav.bmp I wish my Wii wasn’t in the middle of repairs… *ahem* anyway, what game do you speak of, Dio?

dioav.jpg It was in episode 4 of Minami-ke. Based on the hit TV series, Ninomiya-kun and Sensei.

dtzav.bmp …You mean they actually made a VIDEO GAME based off a TV Drama which is little more than being about the forbidden love between a teacher and his female student?

dioav.jpg Well, why not? After all, it a comedy. Even though there was that apparent car wreck, they were still laughing at the rousing dialouge in episode 5.

dtzav.bmp That’s not the point! What is it, press the button to make Sensei shout “NINOMIYA-KUN!” and the other to make Ninomiya shout “SENSEI!”?

dioav.jpg Look, just watch this clip with actual gameplay, you’ll understand.

dtzav.bmp …Allow me to summarize what I just saw. A fighting game, a 2d platformer, a survival horror game, a scrolling space shooter, and an RPG, all in one package, and all ending with the poor girl dying in the arms of her much older lover?

dioav.jpg Well, yeah.

dtzav.bmp BEST. GAME. EVER.

dioav.jpg The advantage is that you can never predict what game style you’ll get next. This leads to a fresh, unusual experience. Of course, the disadvantage is that it doesn’t tell you a thing about how to play, consequentially making it bizarrely hard to win.

dtzav.bmp In other words, it’s like a more deranged Wario Ware. I wonder what other game styles they have in there…

dioav.jpg Personally, I’m waiting for the pokemon type game. They fit it so well, after all.

dtzav.bmp If Ninomiya-kun didn’t have such sucky stats, they’d be a great tagteam duo, I bet. Unfortunately, their special powers are Die (for Ninomiya-Kun) and Yell (for Sensei.) How about a Light Gun game?

dioav.jpg Which one are we shooting at?

dtzav.bmp Well, I assume Ninomiya-kun will jump in front of any bullet shot at her beloved. Sensei, however, doesn’t seem so willing to sacrifice himself to defend his loved one.
dioav.jpg Well, I had one thought. Remember that memorable scene in the street? Where Ninomiya-kun was hit by a car?

dtzav.bmp Oh, how could I forget? My tears were like a waterfall. Oh so tragic.

dioav.jpg Well, we should take that to its conclusion, and have at least one game in it actually faithful to the drama. Frogger.

dtzav.bmp You are a horrible person. Magnificent, but horrible.