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Well, everyone else is distracted by Pokemon, but I have somehow managed to fight my way away to write this post. Well, lets see what I watched this week.

Shining Tears X Wind ep 3: Didn’t I say Chancellors were evil? And I don’t know how I feel about an entire “I’m a jealous prick, but I’ll get over it” arc being done in one episode, but I dont like that kinda story, so I’m relieved to see it finish fast. 7/10

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 3: Try not to think about girls sharing same bed, try not to think about girls sharing same bed. 8.5/10

Darker Than Black 3: I really like this series, somehow, with all its strange-powered characters having bizarre OCS type requirements for the powers. Also, never be obsessed with bizarre plants you find, it causes your daughter to become apparently pyrokinetic. 9/10

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep 4: Continuing to be genius, but somehow I doubt that Saito from Kenshin would appreciate a psychotic teacher using his technique and motto. 9.5/10

Seto no Hanayome Ep 1.: Yakuza mermaids and the most hapless protagonist since Hare + Guu is certain to lead to wonderful, wonderful suffering. 8/10

Seirei no Moribito Eps 2-3: I still don’t know what I think about this series. It looks crisp and clean, but at the same time is completely bizarre and too preoccupied with location setup. 7/10

Kaze no Stigma ep 2: Shut up, DTZ, I like this show! Though it’d be better if someone would just kill that stupid redhead girl, sadly she’s a main character. 7.5/10

Gigantic Formula ep 3: Whoo! Surviving the annoyance visited on it last episode, the series bounces back with the main character in form to being an idiot, and apparently giant idol heads demanding to play Highlander caused this war. 8.5/10

Lucky Star ep 3: The characters continue to wander along conversational tangents of the strangest degrees, but also continue to be charming. 8/10

Toward the Terra Ep 1: Interesting setup, some fascinating elements, but by god, was the whole “dystopian society evil” easy to spot ahead of time. When you’ve read/watched as much 1984 and other types of that fiction as I have, keywords like “becoming an adult” and all the interaction screams out at you. 7/10

Monster Princess/Princess Ressurection/whatever the FRACK its title is/ Ep 1: Series 3 (after hayate and seto) of the “hapless kid in weird circumstances) seems to be about as interesting as the other two, with the horror angle. You know, when H.P. Lovecraft is quoted in the middle of a show, it catches the eye and ear. 8.5/10