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Wow, the last two entries of this were longwinded. Let’s see if we can fix that a little. Today’s topic is the best slice of life show of the year.

On the third day of Christmas, 2007 gave to me,
Three Fun Girls
Two Weird-ass Guns
And a Blog with a spotty history

If there’s one thing 2007 had no shortage of, it’s Slice of Life. So many different varieties of the genre popped up, from the music college focused Nodame Cantabile in the winter to the Genshiken-Meets-Azumanga Lucky Star in the spring to a literal season FILLED with the buggers in the fall. However, picking the BEST of this lot is as easy as…




As a number of the other 12 days have pointed out, Minami-Ke is made of win. Other bloggers have pointed to Teru-Teru Bouzu Chiaki as the pinnacle moment of the series in their 12-days. I can’t be so discerning. There’s so many wonderful things in this series. Cream Stew! Ninomiya-kun and Sensei! Loincloth Festivals! Attempted Incest Rape! Ball-kicking Banchou! Bullet time letter delivery! AND THAT’S JUST EPISODE 1!

The characters are solid. The animation is fun (DEATH NOTE STYLE GOOD DRAWING’D! is one of my favorite art shifts in anime anywhere). The stories are equal parts cute and hilarious. And at no point does it get the drag Slice-of-life sometimes has.

Simply excellent fun. And I can’t say much more than that.