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*drags self away from DS*

So… many… pokemon… *thud*

Erm hrm. In any case - I, too, have drug my self away to do a little segment I shall call Series Synopsis. As I catch up on things like Bokurano and Lucky Star, as well as Nanoha - I will be going over Anime that have either completed their runs, or have been running for many years and I’ve been watching faithfully. I’ll probably post these on weekends.

So let’s start with a series DTZ and Dio should just be finishing up. Yu Yu Hakusho.

Yea... we're that badass

Yu Yu, for those of you who haven’t seen it in it’s Japanese form, is probably the first shonen series to mention Shinigami. Before Bleach, before Death Note, we are introduced to a cute little blue bubble headed Shinigami named Botan who decides to try and aid Yusuke, who goes and gets himself killed by interfering with Darwinism.

From there he struggles to regain his life and pay his dues to Koenma, Enma’s bratty son. He learns of the world of Yokai and Rei Keiji, the Spirit Detectives that govern them. He gains power, he gains friends, and all in all, I would rate this entire series with a 7/10. Early on and about half way through it’s very good. Towards the end of the series… it gets a little bit stretchy and repetitive, but you know? They pull it off all right. My peers here think some of the characters are a tad one dimensional, but I still say Hiei is my favorite guy.

One of the more interesting villains of the series goes my the name of Toguro. It’s quite rare to have somebody whose extremely powerful be that way by sheer, unbreakable strength. I mean this guy could give Ah-nald a run for his money…


Get To De Choppa!

It’s quite entertaining to watch this guy give Yusuke so much trouble just by using more and more of his muscles. They go so far that he even starts to get deformed by using them, and eventually they backfire… big time. The Dark Tournament has to be my favorite arc of the series by far. The characters are cool. the plot is memorable, and overall this is definitely a cornerstone in anyones anime collection.

If you haven’t seen it - See It.

Now then… my Pokemon are calling me…

~Dominic Raze