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Righto, folks, we’re moving right along to number 4. Today is one of my two best Shounen series of the year.

On the Fourth day of Christmas, 2007 gave to me…
Four Bamboo Babes
Three Fun Girls
Two Weird-ass Guns
And a Blog with a spotty history

Bamboo Beauties
I can’t pick just one! Hauu~! OMOCHIKAERI!!!

There are two types of shows I tend to avoid. Harem and Sports. Harem because they mostly tend to be vapid and sports because I’m not much of a sports person in general.

That said, I still find myself loving Bamboo Blade to no end.

While Bamboo Blade is decidedly NOT Harem, it may look like it from the outset due to its cast of females. It is a sports show, but it’s a foreign sport that doesn’t get much exposure over here, and it’s a sport that interests me, too. A little bit of shounen and a dash of slice of life, with a sprinkling of wonderfully unique humor and characters, and you get Bamboo Blade.

And while the voice of Kamina is what initially pulled me into the series, it’s the wonderful, wonderful female cast that has kept me coming back. As much as I’m enjoying Clannad, I think I prefer the girls of Bamboo Blade any day of the week. Tamaki is simultaneously beyond adorable and beyond awesome. Kirino and Saya are likely the reincarnation of Excel, split in two with the exuberance and appearance going to Kirino and the insanity and randomness going to Saya, and the split works incredibly well to their favor in my book. And of course, Miya-Miya is one of my favorites of my favorite female archetype, the Yandere. The only reason I say four and not five? Meganekko isn’t a character yet.

My love of this series has not dwindled in the slightest from the start of the season. While it’s no longer my number one pick of the season (Kaiji and Clannad had exquisite 9th episodes) I still feel it has what it takes to compete overall.

My favorite moments so far? Well, aside from the assorted Tamaki Cute Overload scenes and Miya-Miya going crazy and the rest of the colorful cast doing their thing, probably anything where we get to see just how much more Dan is than meets the eye. The Egg-shaped wimp from episode 1 has proven to be the dominant member of a relationship with a Yandere, a cunning mastermind, a brilliant student AND has shown natural talent at Kendo. And then there’s his preview shticks…