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Tamaki Being Tamaki

“Themed Party! Is it something like this?” “No, just regular Ouran Cosplay, Tamaki.”

Wooo, anime club parties are FUUUUUUUN. Tamaki is the loud idiot to end all loud idiots of Shoujo, and I get to cosplay him. ^^ (Not the outfit shown, though… though that might be fun… but Mad Hatter Tamaki comes first, yes yes.)

*ahem* Anyway, I’m still energetic and not willing to sleep, so it’s still Saturday, and that means it’s time for quickie saturdays.

Darker than Black Episode 3

More and more, this series is giving us stuff about the setting rather than the characters themselves. It’s a very interesting setting, too. We’re learning all about contractors and stars and what happens to the people that deal with disaster situations finding weird flowers. I’m still liking this series so far, most definitely. However, I hope they aren’t planning the whole series to be about the setting and not about the characters, since Li and his cohorts do seem to be an interesting bunch.

Gigantic Formula Episode 3

Lots and lots and lots of exposition this week, and I don’t quite remember all of it. However, Gigantic Formula is back being interesting. I must say, though, I severely disagree with ANN’s seasonal post trying to pin this as the mecha-to-watch series this spring, since it’s quite frankly… not. Even with the giant robots themselves seemingly possessing the will to drive this war forward, it has not become a groundbreaking mecha series that has got me excited in the slightest. I’m still seeing where this is going. Could get good. Here’s hoping. The character designs ain’t getting any prettier, though.

Kaze no Stigma Episode 2

Dio Bravo, I know you find crazy stupid family that uses fire magic for some reason having a stupid family quarrel to be the most interesting thing around, but frankly, I have a hard time caring about any of the characters introduced. Haven’t dropped this one yet, but it had better do something interesting next episode.

Monster Princess Episode 1

Ahhh… fish out of water series… always fun indeed. Whether the hapless male lead takes things in stride (like Hayate) or in this series case simply tries to endure (and has already died twice) I rather like them so long as they’re not all about girl chasing. Even if a good bulk of the characters look to be female, I don’t anticipate this turning harem, if only because it already feels more about action and tormenting our poor hapless victim- I mean, Male Lead. Also, Flandre is the cutest death android since KOS-MOS.

Seirei no Moribito Episode 2-3

Unlike Dio Bravo, I’m finding myself really drawn into this incredibly well animated and potentially well told series. The story is still getting started, but episode 3 had some of the most impressive animated action I’ve seen in AGES. The cinematography and choreography are amazing. Really liking this so far.

Seto no Hanayome Episode 1

And the third of our “fish out of water” series for this season features several odd twists on classic ideas. First of all, our “fish out of water” main character is a landlubber who ends up engaged… to the female daughter of the head of a clan of Yakuza Mermaids. And thankfully, their ability to shapeshift eliminates the “Mermaid Problem” that Dio explained to me before watching this. So instead we have our hapless main being forced to endure his insane parents and now-in-laws. Especially since the girl mermaid’s dad seems quite intent on killing him no matter what.

Shining Tears X Wind Episode 3

More RPGness. In fact, about 5 hours of RPG plot condensed into half an hour. Slow down, people.

Toward the Terra Episode 1

I don’t read alot of dystopian fiction, so I didn’t see the tropes AS clearly, but I did see them. (Glares sideways at Dio Bravo.) Based on where they take this, I can see this being a very fascinating and potentially well done sci-fi anime. Keeping an eye on this one, that I am.