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*Hums a little song in his little room, observes his blog inactivity.*


Um, Hi.

I suppose some of you demand an explanation for the bullshit that is the lack of posting.

It’s simple, really. While in the middle of working on some more funny stuff, I suddenly left my home to go live as a ronin in the modern sense back in my college town solely to spend more time with my anime club. Currently, I’m spending alot of time hanging out with friends and searching for a job.

However, I left the main drafts for the funny stuff back home, much like an idiot.

So Emonaut and another special have been put on slight hold for a bit.

That doesn’t mean I’m not still gonna blog, though. So, I present to you the DTZ Ronin Chronicles. Until I figure out screencapping on my mac, I’ll be doing a simpler style of blogging with no pictures.

And to start, I’m gonna do some first impressions on some series from this, the Winter 2008 season. If Dio wants to add his own thoughts, he will, I suppose. Let’s begin!

Rosario + Vampire

Why did I even agree to watch this?

See, back when Dio and I were digging through potential watchables for the winter season, he showed me Rosario + Vampire as a possibility. I took one look at the promotional art and said “I don’t think it’s going to be as good as you think it might be.” However, since Dio likes supernatural monster stories, we decided to give it a try.

After one episode, I’m quite unamused.

See, I gave myself a small preview of the manga, which, while harem, wasn’t nearly as obnoxious as the anime has turned out to be. Gonzo, seemingly with the thought that there wasn’t enough fanservice and that most of the jokes in the manga weren’t interesting, has taken the mildly okay manga and turned it into pointless dreck with a gratuitous, vapid panty shot every minute.

Emonaut is a better series than this. At least it’s FUN to watch for its stupidness. This series is just annoying. Dio wants to give it one more episode. I don’t even want to give it that.

H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand

Now this is a bit better. Yes, it’s clearly harem. Yes, it has fanservice. And yet, while its fanservice is more risque than Rosario, its cast is more interesting and its premise not as ultimately stupid. While now that I’ve seen other stuff this Winter that is better, this isn’t exactly bad. I’ll stick with it a bit further to see where it goes, unintentionally perverted blind kids aside.

Spice and Wolf

NOW we’re talking. The best new show I’ve seen this winter season. Despite its large amount of nudity thanks to Horo’s grand entrance, I found myself completely unbothered by it. In other words, it wasn’t fanservice; it was just part of the plot.

Spice and Wolf reminded me of Kino’s Journey from the start. We’ll have to see if the comparison holds, but the simple story of the adventure of a hapless merchant and a wolf goddess just appeals to me. It’s the kind of simple thing we’ve not seen in a while, and I look forward to see where it will go.

Plus, Horo is just awesome as a whole. I’d let her ride in my merchant cart any day. *Is slapped.*

Persona ~Trinity Soul~

Let me tell you a little story about a video game series called Shin Megami Tensei. A SMT game subseries, Digital Devil Saga, was recommended to me by Dio and others. Expecting a good RPG, since that’s what everyone was pointing to, I picked it up.

I really find myself wondering just what people saw in it, though. The game was punishingly hard, and not in the fun way Fire Emblem is. The story was interesting, but the horribly designed dungeons, the atrocious encounter rate, the unfair battle rules and the nausea inducing music made me never get past the first half of the first game.

As such, I have now steered a clear path away from any other games in the SMT franchise. One of those was last years Persona 3. While the plot premise and the school sim part sounded interesting enough, the gameplay itself, which features such things as random dungeons, makes me want to run away in terror.

Dio insists that I would like it. As I recall, he also recommended Digital Devil Saga, and we can see how that turned out for me. Frankly, I’ll stick to other RPGs. An SMT game would have to be provably better than Earthbound and Mother 3 (which are among the best RPGs ever) to get me to play it.

Likewise, when I heard about the Persona anime, which is an anime followup to Persona 3, I pretty much said “if this isn’t a hilarious trainwreck on par with Shining Tears X Wind I won’t enjoy it.” Because even if it was good, to redeem SMT in my eyes it would have to be better than Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Unfair? Perhaps. But then, I don’t see why everyone and their dog loves these games when they’re just not that fun to me, and I’m not afraid to make that opinion known.

So how did the first episode of the anime stack up for me? I found it fairly dull. There was nothing really of interest going on to me, though I’m sure the P3 fans had fun catching all their references. It didn’t do anything wrong, but I didn’t see anything good either. So I’ll give it a few more episodes. But I doubt it’s going to improve my opinion on SMT.

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

The best anime this winter so far is a sequel. Dio and I are planning a big post on the first season of SZS, so I won’t say too much here, but all I can say is this: since this season promises more of the same, I don’t care IF Shaft is continually yelling at everyone asking why they’re still watching this show. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is going to be just as irreverently awesome as the first season was. Plus, the animation quality has gone even further up, and Kafuka is scarier than ever. This is going to be awesome.