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What the heck!?

“Kamina, there’s no way we look that bad, right?” “I don’t know, Kittan. I just don’t know.”

So, as I understand it, episode 4 of Gurren Lagann had a different director. It really shows. While the backgrounds and colors are all correct (unlike KareKano’s failure to animate sometimes) the animated characters look choppy at best and downright ugly at their worst.

Of course, the sharp contrast in animation quality isn’t enough to completely remove the fun of this series, but I will say that this is probably the least fun episode of the series so far.

Quick Summary and Impressions

This week, Kamina decides that the way Gurren and Lagann fused last episode was a bit sloppy, so he decides that it’s time to train Simon how to properly fuse two mecha… by throwing boulders at the poor boy. Eventually, the Black Brethren, a group of four Beastman Hunters, three cute girls and a guy with the ability to match Kamina for loud obnoxiousness, sees this going on and, assuming Kamina is a Beastman attacking a defenseless human, proceed to fire lots of little bombs at Kamina.

Once all the misconceptions are cleared up and Kamina somehow manages to get all three of the females of the Black Brethren infatuated with him, the group decides its time to get something to eat. The find a cluster of pink fuzzy things, decide they might be edible, and try to eat them. However, it turns out that the cluster is actually 16 round beastmen, pilots of a 16-faced Ganmen that the Black Brethren had fought the other day. Offended that a filthy human would try to eat them, they run to their mechs and proceed to attack, shifting between 16 individual mecha, and a 16-faced monstrosity. Kamina and Simon rush to their mechs as well, and when Simon tries to perform the Fusion, Kamina knocks him away for being ungraceful.

The fighting continues a few bad jokes occur, eventually Kamina sees a possible fusion he likes, and the two proceed to fight. However, they’re still on an empty stomach, so their little Mole-Pig friend Boota decides to offer his own rump as food. Refueled, The two proceed to shish-kebob the 16-faces of the fuzzy beastmen. Parting ways with the Black Brethren, now seemingly rivals with Kamina’s Gurren Brigade, the journey towards the Beastman Base continues.

Even without the bad animation, the writing for this episode was kinda… weak. And weird. Nothing occured that felt out of character, but stuff just seemed off, somehow. The humor was kinda weak, and I felt the Black Brigade could have been introduced a bit better. I did enjoy watching the emergency food supply of the series actually get used, though.

Time for more characters.


Our fuzzy little mole-pig friend is a much more willing emergency food supply than the most famous of that archetype, Menchi. He doesn’t seem to mind traveling along knowing that anyone could eat him at any time, and even offers himself as food this time around. Perhaps the ability to crawl into Yoko’s bikini and have her not care is the reward for all this.

The Black Brethren

Blonde Bombshell, Kiyoh. Meganekko, Kinon. Tomboyish Fang-girl, Kiyal. Loud, Obnoxious Rival, Kittan. The four members of the Black Brethren ride around on inverted moogle sheepdogs and shoot liquid explosive bombs from slingshots at mecha. These are our Gurren Brigade’s rivals, it seems. I’d kinda like to learn more about them, but for now, they’re traveling on a separate path.

Next Episode: Animation returns, colors get washed out due to undergroundness, Yoko Fanservice. It’s all good. ^_^