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I just got done watching the first episode of Shigofumi. I’d seen lots of people say good things about it, so I figured I’d take a look, and I finally remembered I actually had it downloaded for the better part of two weeks.

So I watched it, and I because really really really entranced. Like, Kino’s Journey entranced. The first episode alone was an interesting, windy, well plotted character study that ended with a plot twist that, when given the package before, left me saying “that was COOL!”

See, thus far this winter season has half left me saying meh, with Persona now elevated from “meh” to “lol teen sex”, with only Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Spice and Wolf actually entertaining me on a regular basis, and even then, that’s entertaining for the sake of dadaism and entertaining for the sake of EXTREME MERCHANT ACTION (which it is, and it is fairly awesome and fun at that), and not actually entertaining for the sake of telling a good story.

Shigofumi looks like the kind of entertaining for the sake of telling a good story we had for things like Kino’s Journey, as stated before, so I’m really happy it’s there to round things out.

I’ll be back on my main computer next week, so expect a return to silliness. There’s 12+ episodes of Dragonaut I’ve yet to lampoon, after all.