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For some random reason I’m in the mood to actually contribute to this blog for the first time in ages. Wait, who is this? This is Ruan. And what else might I talk about but the upcoming and now currently releasing spring anime season. I’m doing my standard ‘watch the first episode of everything that comes out’, and here are my thoughts.

Lets take these on one by one, shall we?

To Love Ru
- I’d already read the manga (at least, what of it’s been scanslated), so I knew what I was getting into. To Love Ru is very standard ecchi comedy with a slight sci-fi twist - a young daughter of the galactic emperor flees suitors and ends up on Earth living with a high school student after he helps her out. She claims he’s now her fiance, and of course all the other suitors want to take him out. And, of course, said student doesn’t love her, he loves another girl that he can’t confess to. In any case, there’s nothing that particularly brings To Love Ru out from other mangas/animes like it. Not that it’s a bad show - it’s just standard ecchi comedy/romance with standard plot. I might watch it for minor amusement factor, but its not something I’ll be waiting breathlessly for. In the end, an average C.

xxxHolic Kei - I’ve always been a fan of xxxHolic. Where most anime give you happy life lessons, xxxHolic gives dark truths and things to think about. The only problem, in my personal opinion, it’s always worked best as a manga. The animation of Clamp’s character designs have always struck me as awkward, and the quality of animation itself generally has left something to be desired, especially if you’ve watched the xxxHolic movie (which -was- well animated). On strength of the story alone, it’d be an A, but the way that they’ve animated it brings it down to a B

Vampire Knight - One of the darker shoujo mangas that I’ve read, now turned into an anime. A well-done anime, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, since I’ve read the manga, I already know some key twists in the storyline. This is both good (because I can see how things -lead- to those twists), and bad (because it lowers my motivation to watch a decent show). Vampire Knight, from me, gets an A. If you’re generally not into shoujo, I’d still give it a look-see. It’s got a decent plot to it, assuming it follows the manga.

Allisson and Lillia - … just didn’t interest me. Not sure exactly what it was about it that put me off. But there was nothing that grabbed me about it. Heck, I can’t even form an opinion on it, aside from “Meh.” C.

Kamen no Maid Guy - Remember when I said To Love Ru is -standard- ecchi comedy? Kamen no Maid Guy most definitely NOT standard. But it is definitely hilarious. The idea itself of the Maid Guy amused the heck out of me when I first heard about it as a manga, but I never found a scanslation for it. Actually watching the first episode just proved that I’m going to enjoy this series. It is most definitely ecchi though, with full frontal nudity at one point in the first episode. I was almost startled - I’m used to mist covering things up in the shower scenes >_<. It's definitely got the comedy as well, with multiple points of laugh out loud goodness and one OMGWTFBBQ moment. Definitely an A for a unique concept and good delivery.

Special A - Having read the manga in preparation for it, I have to say I’m looking forward to S.A. Hikari has always, from the first time she met him, tried to beat Kei. And has never won against him, taking second in everything. It is pretty well apparent that Kei is in love with her. On the other hand, Hikari is completely clueless. All in all, an above average romance series. It’s not something that will have you laughing aloud throughout the show, but it can give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside… kinda like you just swallowed a kitten. While Kei comes across as a bit insufferable at times, you can’t help but pity the poor guy, as Hikari is dense as heck where that is concerned. On the other hand, you will find yourself rooting for Hikari to win just once against Kei. It has a bit of the ‘hard-work will eventually overcome genius’ ideal to it. At the very least, a show that I look forward to watching. B

Kure-nai - Intriguing, is perhaps the best word to put to this anime. It’s raised several questions that I want answered. It’s nice to have a child character who is not lolicon-bait, but actually acts like a child (albeit a spoiled one). Animation was decent all around, and the OP was… o_O for lack of a better way to put it. Going to go with a B for now, with strong potential to go higher if they do well with character interaction and story.

Zettai Karen Children - I’ll be honest. The show had me when the villain started shooting rays from his crotch shouting ‘BIIIG MAGNUM!’ While a few bloggers were offended by this on behalf of homosexuals, personally I was just laughing. And, upon showing some gay friends of mine the show, they were laughing as well. Just goes to show that people tend to be a weeee bit too sensitive about that sort of thing. In any case, I was greatly amused by the fact that Aya Hirano is once again playing a perverted young girl. While the story of the first episode had its silly moments, it also had some serious moments that lent it a bit more depth. Assuming that it keeps it up, Zettai Karen Children will be staying at a solid A in my book.

Tower of Druaga - Had an… interesting first episode. My complaint is that the first episode did not give much of an idea as to what the actual story is going to be like, seeing as it was a crazy (though quite amusing, mind you) dream. Still, this isn’t the first time that it has happened (See MoHS). I was very amused by the episode, but I need more before I can really say much about it. B, with possibility to go up or down.

Blassreiter … I’ll be honest. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the entire episode. I don’t take pleasure in ’so bad its’ horribly funny’ like DTZ and Dio. While Nitroplus makes good eroge, their record with anime hasn’t been all that good. Though, that said, if Gekkou no Carnevale ever gets made into an anime… if there’s one story that DESERVES an anime, it’s that one.
…Wow. I got off topic fast. Just goes to show how little I liked the first ep. The judgement: D.

Soul Eater - Love the animation, love the art style. It’s unique, the fight scenes were fluid and well executed. The story is intriguing. There’s a bit of ecchi with Blair (can’t believe I didn’t get the Blair Witch reference right off the bat >_<). The only thing that bugs me thus far is the voice acting for the main character. Seeing as on ANN the voice actor has no article for herself, I can only guess that this is her first role. If so, it shows - she needs to put a little bit more life into the voice. Hopefully she'll improve as the series goes on. In any case, aside from that (which is really relatively minor), Soul Eater is a show I'll definitely be watching. A pumpkin-smashin' A.

Kanokon - Well. If you’re a furry, you’ll probably love it. All the rest of us will be sipping our coffee over watching the more enjoyable mainstream anime.

A bit harsh, but when the main heroine mounts the main character and asks him to have sex with her in the first episode, it’s a bit much. I’ll stick to my eroge if I want that much. The main lead is far to young looking (shota, anyone?) in any case. The animation isn’t terribly good. All in all, going to have to give it an F, for furry. Take it how you like it.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama - Unlike Kanokon, WnO has some plot to it, and a bit more of a solid basis to work from with Japanese myth and religion. A fox spirit, a kitsune agreed to guard a family, but in the end, the family could not put up with its mischief anymore and sealed it. Due to a demon attacking the younger brother of the family, they unsealed the kitsune so it could guard the younger brother from the demon. After the demon was defeated, the older brother, who was the only one who could re-seal the kitsune, refused to do so. For the moment, I’m going to give it a C, but with potential to rise higher.

I believe that concludes my first impressions for now. All in all, I think I’ll be satisfied with this season - it has several shows that interest me.