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dioav.jpg Man, All the recent new anime has been cool, DTZ. What else is coming up?

dtzav.bmp Well, we’re up to the point where we’re looking forward to summer, where there’s alot of original series and a few manga adaptations… From the manga adaptations, I’m seeing a few things like Kurogane no Linebarrel and Sekirei. But I’m not so sure about-

dioav.jpg Heh, Linebarrels is just odd. I read that one already. It might be bad, or good, cant tell. But if its bad, it’ll probably at least be fun to mock. Hrmmm, what did you say the other one is called?

dtzav.bmp Sekirei, but looking at the premise made me-

dioav.jpg I’m there!

dtzav.bmp Have a headache because the premise looked so retarded aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you’ve already started reading it.

dioav.jpg Reading reading reading…

dtzav.bmp See, the reason it gave me a headache is it looked like it was an unholy fusion of the tournament shounen architecture with fanservice harem. I stepped away when I saw that. How is it?

Dio Eyebleed You sodding bastard!

dtzav.bmp Ah, I see it burned out your eyes. And you turned British. I see my fears were well founded.

dioav.jpg No, I think my brain is hemorrhaging. But… its antisense!dtzav.bmp As opposed to mere nonsense? Now will you listen to me before running off on your own next time?

dioav.jpg It’s your damn fault! You didn’t say itd be a demented version of Gash Bell with no plot, and a horrific amount of fanservice and tit shots!

dtzav.bmp That’s because 1.) I didn’t know how deep into both tournament shounen and fanservice harem it truly was and 2.) YOU WOULDN’T LET ME FINISH. Though now the mere mention of what it is has made my migraine even worse. The scariest thing is I think this series may end up being popular with a few anime blogs on the net DUE to its content. I could name them, but I don’t want to tip them to this series existence too early.

dioav.jpg Well, let’s list the pain. Main character is loser who keeps failing college exams (*cough*lovehina*cough*), who is moping along when a clueless, big breasted girl appears out of nowhere, being chased by girls in leather S&M clothes shooting electricity at her. She drags the dumb guy with her, and many ‘hijinks’ occur, a disturbing amount of them having the girl being naked, grabbing at herself, or making severe ‘not really sex’ double entrendes. Did i mention shes large breasted?

dtzav.bmp Ayup, that’s a migraine that won’t be going away for at least an hour.

dioav.jpg She’s some sort of magic being for some reason that needs an owner, god knows why, so of course the wimp guy is stuck in this for no reason. Characters float in an out at random, with no explanation of what the hell they’re doing. The S&M girls appear without any aggression later with no explanation, for example. There’s a long joke about the main having a sister WITHOUT anything resembling a sister complex. But then i think it implied later that the sister might have her own brother complex. Did i mention she grabbed the clueless girl’s LARGE BREASTS? Because the manga seems to want me to know this.

dtzav.bmp A mind crush from Dan Green would be less painful than this.

dioav.jpg *rocks back and forth* “The horror, the horror, the horror…..

Dominic Raze *opens door* Hey guys, I finally made it back from the store…. sorry it took so long. I got lost… what’s wrong with Dio?

dtzav.bmp Oh look, the guy who took map reading lessons from Ryoga is finally here. Dio? Care to show him what’s wrong?

dioav.jpg *perks up* Hey, Dom! wanna see a neat new manga?

Dominic Raze Sure. Let’s see here… …wait a tic. So what she… Wait a second! …when did… I NEED AN ADULT!! What the hell is wrong with you man!?

dioav.jpg Misery loves company, buddy. And what the hell took you?

Dominic Raze Well there was a sale and I went down an aisle I’d never seen before and the next thing I knew I was in Siberia.

dtzav.bmp Hoo boy. Anyway, what do you all propose we do about this abomination upon humanity?

dioav.jpg Dunno, do you think people realize how truly bad it is?

Hey! I like that manga!



Dominic Raze


dtzav.bmp Why am I not surprised?

Dominic Raze …Where’s me mallet?

dioav.jpg KILL HIM!


dioav.jpg BREW!!!!

Dominic Raze YAARRRR!



*Sounds of assorted mayhem. While the assorted mayhem ensues, here is a censored image from Sekirei to show you just how bad it is.*

Censored Image
Many Oryzae died to bring us this image.

dioav.jpg This has been a public service announcement by Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? Anime Blog. Friends don’t let friends read or watch Sekirei.