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Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone, and while I would very much like to be eating good mexican food and drinking Margaritas, it is not only Quickie Saturday, but it is the Quickie Saturday before finals week, and for a number of reasons (both related and unrelated to finals week) I have an


With respects to JayDee and Captain SNES. Keep up the update schedule! We like new comics!

To elaborate further, my upcoming week is my finals week. I have three finals, but one is a Take-Home final and one is a more traditional final, so the only thing I’m worried about is my Japanese Final, a presentation on Environmentalism in Anime. While the actual presentation shouldn’t be too hard to put together (I already wrote a paper on it and screencaps of Miyazaki films aren’t hard to come by) Practicing is.

But those alone aren’t the source of the feeling of impending doom. No, the source of this is the fact that I have recently downloaded Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and will begin watching it in my spare time over the next week alongside my finals. To those that know what Higurashi is, you should know why I have this sense of doom.

But on to happier things! It’s time to look at all the things I watched this week.

Bokurano Episode 3

Did I just say happier things? I apologize. This episode of Bokurano revolves around the impact the death of Waku has on the children, as well as the impact of the fight itself. Waku isn’t the only casualty, and the police are trying to get to the bottom of it all. Meanwhile, our not-friend Dung Beetle floats around in the ship with an evil grin as he selects the next victim, Masaru. A powerful episode even without any huge battle. This show is shaping up to be one of my favorites this season easily.

Blue Dragon Episode 1

Akira Toriyama is not a bad artist. In fact, when he’s in his Dragon Quest and early Dragon Ball style art, it can be rather fun, especially with the goofy character designs he lets himself do. Blue Dragon is one of the series where he lets himself do this. Based on the story for an X-Box 360 game that I find myself really wanting, Blue Dragon is a light hearted shonen series with a new take on Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Here, we have warriors that summon huge monsters through their shadow. There’s also an evil overlord who intends to use power like this to probably take over the world. Looks to be lighthearted actiony fun. Also, the first major Mook has the most amazing chin in all of anime. I mean, look at it.


Finally, Player Killer and Dr. Ichigaki have some competition at the annual Big Chins of Shounen contest.

Claymore Episode 4

In this week’s episode of Claymore, Clare finds and fights the biggest, scariest Youma yet, and the episode gives us what I find to be a rather unique and interesting take on the usual “evil in the church” plot. Instead of the body snatching evil thing being one of the clergy, it’s pretending to be a corpse. Not bad for a big hungry evil thing. Raki also got a sword this episode, so he’s well on the way to leveling up from Chef Cheerleader to Underdog.

El Cazador de la Bruja Episode 3

The girls get stranded in the rain, and so spend time hanging out in a house. Creepy Stalker Boy hitches a ride with the gay cowboy bounty hunters we’ve been seeing from time to time. Series is starting to get episodic, but at least we have a destination. Will probably catch up on this once summer begins.

Lovely Complex Episodes 2-3

Otani’s ex-girlfriend and Koizumi’s childhood friend enter the picture, just in time for Christmas (the lovers holiday in japan) and Valentines Day. The series is progressing predictably, with Koizumi and Otani slowly developing feelings for each other as they try their hardest to deny it and find someone more their height. Still going good, though.

Kaibutsu Ouji Episodes 2-3

More pain, punishment and destruction, caused by attacks from first an Invisible Man and then the sister of the werewolf we fought in episode 1. Invisible Man is killed, but Liza is left alive and will most definitely be returning. They need to build that house out of stronger stuff, though. Chainsaws, Molotov Cocktails, and Semitrucks damage it too easily, and their occurrence rate is high. Dio Bravo and I have also started an estimated death pool for number of times the main dies in an episode. Always a fun game.

Seirei no Moribito Episode 4

Plot episode this week. Don’t remember everything clearly, but I do distinctly remember an old lady pointing at the young prince and shouting “EGG!” And that’s just amusing.

Seto no Hanayome Episode 2-3

Nagasumi tries to strengthen his relationship with his new betrothed San while dodging assassination attempts by San’s dad, first at a Bon Festival and then on a mostly deserted island. Episode three introduces us to a new recurring enemy, Maki, San’s pint-sized protector, who can best be described as a Psychotic cross between Reinforce Zwei and Akira from lucky channel, given a water machine gun. Nagasumi thinks he’s just about home free when he gets to head home, promising to visit his wife-to-be in subsequent holidays, only to find that not only is San coming home with him, but her dad and Maki are coming as well. And thus, Nagasumi is screwed.

Shining Tears X Wind Episode 4

Read Dio Bravo’s WTF post for all you need to know about this episode.

Toward the Terra Episode 2

This week, we learned that Mu are essentially humans with weaker bodies and stronger minds. This generally isn’t a good thing, as they not only have the same capacity as Humans to be xenophobic jerks, they also don’t keep their thoughts under control nearly enough. This leads to emotional turmoil for out poor, confused lead. Not much to say beyond that.

Now, lunch, and then to either give my mind pain, study, or play video games.