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This week anime made me laugh, made me scared, and made me wonder… Do animators get nosebleeds when they draw some of this stuff?

Bleach 125 - Things are getting interesting now that Ichigo has faced down his inner hollow. For more on Bleach, I actually intend to (try) and start a weekly episode cover for both Bleach and Naruto. Kon’s intro still makes me cringe…

Episode Rating 4/5

Naruto Shippuden 13 - Action! Lovely glorious Action! It’s Gai, Neji, Lee n Tenten Vs Kisame as well as Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Onibaba Vs Itachi. …a comment Kakashi made today makes me want to draw Itachi with glasses… More action next week!

Episode Rating 4/5

Lucky Star 5 - Today we learn how festivals are fun, and dads that know how to tie ribbons are considered weird. Fish must be caught like Pokemon, Balsamic Vinegar, and Neko-Mouths tend to run in the family. For some odd reason, Balsamic Vinegar, the Japanese equivalent of LOL is WW. Balsamic Vinegar. Everyone loves making noises in the electric fan, and Konata’s rendition of Cha-La-Head-Cha-La made my own Head-Cha-La explode.

Episode Rating - 5/5 Balsamic Vinegar!!

Bokurano 4 - Step 1) Blow Up A Mountain. Step 2) Build a Golf Course There. Step 3) Profit. Yep. I still hate businessmen. Man… this started off the coast, then at a bridge, and now we have one of these big ol things appear smack dab in the middle of the city. All that’s needed is a classic Godzilla roar… Collateral damage takes a whole new meaning with Zearth. …For some odd reason I crave pancakes after watching this episode. And of course, my prediction on the price of piloting comes to pass as Mr. Rat-Head bluntly tells them just how Zearth moves. Ahhh… This series gets better and better.

Episode Rating 5/5

Gurren Lagann 6 - Wafting through fields of Bunny Girls? Kanima Wins. Poor Forehead boy seems to be the target of all the sight gags in this episode. Man is this ever Fan-Service heavy… even for the girls it seems. Mole-Pig used as a… a… >_< Erm hrm. Plus points for Fanservice, Minus points for flashback heavy episodes. And will someone please explain to me how a Ganmen can be plugged into a ROCK?! Simon in a full bathtowel clomped Headmech… Angry Yoko SCARY! And we finally get to find out what’s inside the mysterious case in Pulp Fiction! Yoko’s Funbags! Even though this episode had the unessisary flashbacks of just 5 episodes past, it made me laugh too damned much to give it less than…

Episode Rating 4/5 Bunny Girls.