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Greetings, all. You may call me Dio Bravo. No, seriously. That’s what I want to be called, so stop laughing already!!

So, if you haven’t guessed, I am the co-conspirator in this little crime we call WTF! Blog. (Our motto: Proudly causing horrible mental images since 2004. No wait, thats just mine.) Just finishing college, I find myself with a great deal of time, so anime is a good way to fill the time. And with an English degree, why not spend some time also writing? DTZ is a friend of mine online, we watch much of the same anime, so I asked him to let me in on the project. Note that I consider myself to be the “witty” and “sarcastic” one. Yes. Fear me.

Anyways, my own history with anime is not too dissimilar to the one that DTZ posted first. Although as a kid I enjoyed many series that I didn’t ‘realize’ were anime, such as Voltron and the like, my first conscious exposure to anime that i connected as Japanese was Dragon Ball Z. It held my mind for a couple years, oddly enough, to the point that I was in great danger of being the sort of insufferable fanboy that can plague any series.

But soon after, when i was in early high school, my older brother started downloading subbed series and burning them, and then making me watch them. Although I had been drawn to series like Ronin Warriors, Gundam Wing, and that era of Toonami shows, it was a fansub of Cowboy Bebop, about a year before Adult Swim appeared on Cartoon Network, that began to shift my views. In short order, he also had me watch Evangelion (which i dont like, so don’t bug me about it), Fushigi Yuugi, and a few other series of “that” era. I also saw Princess Mononoke around that time, and let me tell you was THAT a shock to my understandings of quality of a series.

The next few years i spent mostly learning about the shows onAdult Swim, until my second year of college. By that point, I was starting to form a strong interest in more deliberate and adult (in a non hentai sense) series, and, while connecting with people online, began to pick up series like Naruto, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Slayers, you name it. In the last few years, I have watched dozens of series, and also picked up manga as well because of my interest in ongoing shonen series.

Recently, my interests have been diving all over the place, picking up new series of all sorts, especially in the last couple of release seasons.

But I think that’s more than enough about me, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t see how much more of my personal life would be of interest, and really, DTZ gave much of the outline of what we plan to do here, separately and jointly review series. So lets get on what is probably the only thing you folks here would care to read.

Much like DTZ, I intend to give a series of short opinions on what ive seen of the new season. However, I don’t watch raw episodes, due to not liking the frustration and confusion, so I have less in my list. Note that I strictly define “before viewing” as meaning watching at least one episode of the show proper, I may have seen previews or openings beforehand. If the statement is in “”s, it means that rather than a thought, it is more like something I said about the show.


Thoughts before viewing: Oh my. This looks to be quite an opportunity for a unique series. Also, looks dark.

After Viewing: One thought. This series might just become what Evangelion SHOULD have been: A well crafted psychological study based on a backdrop of giant robots and world saving. The similarities can be striking if you look in the right places. Also, the opening theme is simply amazing. And seriously, the mecha is a quarter freaking mile tall!!!

Odds of keeping on: Heck yeah!

Darker than Black

Before Watching: “Huh. Why do I find myself thinking of Cowboy Bebop meets the city from Big O?”

After Watching. “Huh?”. Thats about it, though there is a certain fascination in the world that is created, and the “contractors” that populate it, I am mostly just confused. Will continue to watch, though, for now.

Odds on keeping on: Pretty good…..for now.

Hayate the Combat Butler

Before Watching: There’s something about what I hear and read about this show that scares me.

After WAtching: EVERYTHING about this show scares me. However, it has many good elements, and one of my favorite character voices as the omniscient sarcastic narrator, so why not? Also, I don’t think I’ve ever been so regularly in the habit of going “what the hell!?” so often in a show.

Odds of keeping on: Pretty good. But am I the only one who wonders why Santa Claus is such a bastard?

Lucky Star

Before Watching: “Can’t sleep, song will eat me. Can’t sleep, song will eat me.”

After Watching: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? Seriously, that makes the weirdness in Hayate look normal, and i STILL don’t know what it was I watched.

Odds of keeping on: Ummm……. I don’t know….

Seirei no Moribito

Before Watching: Looking at opening, “Pretty!”

After Watching: Huh. Kinda interesting plot setup, and it’s well drawn, but I’d have to say wait and see, since there’s so much unanswered.

Odds of Keeping On: It gets a couple more episodes. I like what I’m seeing, but this sort of series has a tendency to become horribly drawn out and frustrating to watch, so I’m hoping it picks up pretty fast

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Before Watching: “Let’s see….I hate Eva, and FLCL scares me. Why am I letting you talk me into watching this again?”

After Watching: Gainax! Proudly delivering high quantities of drugs to the viewer for ten years! Beyond that, it seemed entertaining. But what was with the cheesecake girl?

Odds of Keeping On: Pretty good, i guess. Gotta love a series about a flying head mech.

So, that’s my piece. It’s not much, I guess, but then, you aren’t even reading anymore, are you?