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Well, hello there. It’s been a week since I last posted, due to lots of stuff churning in my mind (and by that I mean playing video games when I should be catching up on anime,) but I’ve begun catching up on anime, and in doing so, I watched episode 10 of Hayate the Combat Butler.

An episode of anime so incredibly epic in its weirdness that it is the second full length anime episode to earn a WTF!? Wednesday post.

And in doing so, it has created a new category for posting, partly for episodes of its caliber, and partly for those anime episodes that are amazing for other reasons.

This means episodes like Hayate Episode 10, Haruhi Episode 9 and Shining Tears X Wind Episode 4 (episodes that are amazing and brilliant for their WTF factor) get to share the same ranks as episodes like Haruhi Episodes 12-14, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode 8 and Gankutsuou Episode 18 (Episodes that, with respect to AoMM, I would describe as Pantheon Class episodes.)

And so, without further ado, I give you this week’s WTF!? Wednesday, and the second (first official) Amazing Episode of Anime.

This week’s Hayate the Combat Butler… is mostly inexplicable. In fact, there is but one Screencap I can make that can truly capture the essence of this episode.



Kenjirou Hata, you are an evil evil man.

Kenjirou Hata is the original creator of Hayate the Combat Butler. He’s quite clearly insane (I mean, look at what he’s already created.) However, this episode is on a different scale of insanity.

See, there’s one other instance I can think of where the original creator writes an original script for the anime version of his work that turned out so… off kilter for that series.

Taniguchi, the author of the Haruhi novels, and his writing of Haruhi episode 9 (chronological 14.) This episode was partly a joke on the fans, and partly an introspective look into the nature of what the series would be like if we didn’t follow Kyon all the time. It is at times dull, at times interesting, and at times flat out hilarious (I feel like the only person in the world who actually LIKES the 2 minutes of random background noise.)

Hayate Episode 10 is at times disturbing, at times amusing, and at times feels likes you’re having drugs force feed into your brain through your ears (especially if you’re wearing headphones.)

Yeah, my mind made the connection between the two episodes rather quickly.

Anyway, more on the episode.

So the basic plot of the episode involves Nagi pissing off one of her old famicom games, a Dragon Quest ripoff called New Dragon Hero Quest by dying and refusing to finish it. Yes, I say piss off a game, or rather, one of the inhabitants, a scantily dressed buxom evil witch with a skull on her head that punishes her with lightning if she doesn’t say ~tima at the end of every sentence.

The last boss is a girl? The heroes are screwed.


So, she’s looking for a hero to beat her and free her, so she leaves a bunch of controllers around hoping someone will pick them up. Of course, Hayate, our hapless lead who is barely in this episode in new appearances, has already stepped on two in a previous episode, so clearly this is a side episode for that episode. Eventually, the three fourth-wall-less girls from episode 4 answer the call and get randomly warped into the game for their own little quest.

The episode reeks of filler, and rightly so. It also happens to be on a level of surreal that not even Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu managed to touch.

In fact, I’ve described it as if the writing staff of Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu got into GAINAX’s drug supply and decided to rewrite their RPG episode from Guu Final.

Yeah, it’s that cracked up.

It also needs to be watched, as it’s brilliant if you look at it from the perspective of a parody series take of filler.

Also, when you don’t look at the appearances of Hayate that are recycled from previous episodes, every time “Hayate” appears he’s a cardboard cutout.

So, yeah, not much more I can say on it, aside from two more screencaps.

A Bust of Conan with a Pappilion Mask. Seems at least SOMEONE on the staff of Hayate liked Busou Renkin. I feel less alone in the world now.

Join me later this week, as I’ll give a Dub review of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni sometime within the next few days.