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With Tears Flowing, the Student Surpasses the Master

About Effing Time, Kid. About Effing Time.

God dammit.


I can’t handle this anime season. It’s too overwhelming. Spring 2007 has some of the most amazing series ever, and each anime is really trying their damnedest to keep ahead of everyone else. Since last Wednesday’s Amazing Episode of Anime, I’ve already watched a few episodes that would qualify for an Amazing Episode of Anime (Seto no Hanayome 8, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 7-9, and Bokurano 6 all come to mind.)

However, TTGL Episode 11 has done what I’ve been hoping for all season: Turned Simon into the TRUE main character.

Therefore, the Third Amazing Episode of Anime, and our First NON-WTF Amazing Episode of Anime, is proudly awarded to this wonderful episode.

For those of you watching TTGL, you already know that Episode 8 is just about one of the most incredible episodes of anime ever created (unless you’re Dio Bravo, whose computer died before he could watch that episode of sheer awesome.) The intense action sequences and gripping drama have made it THE reason to watch what I consider my favorite series this spring (again, I always distinguish between favorite and best.)

The time after has been kinda painful to watch, but still gripping, as the outcome of that fateful episode sinks in to our main characters. However, as a little ray of sunshine, a new character, Nia, was introduced, and has been trying to help Simon out of his rather destructive funk.

Partly due to her efforts, and partly due to Simon simply GETTING it, Simon breaks through his funk and emerges as… well…

Im n ur pose, stealin ur lines

THIS. (Huh. That looks familiar.)

For 6 of the most intense and stunning minutes ever animated, Simon proved to be worthy of the position of Main Character he has been so graciously given.

There’s stuff that happens in the episode, sure; a new enemy (an incredibly evil and twisted turtle beastman) devises a rather cunning plan (and by that, I mean a plan that’s ungodly stupid, but involves Breasts, and therefore instantly trumps the peanut shaped brain of the current Great Gurren Brigade Leader, Kittan) and traps the entire Great Gurren Brigade. Simon ends up being the only one with the drive to escape, and in his digging he finally figures out what Kamina was trying to make him: not another Kamina, but Simon the Man, someone who can stand on his own two legs and proudly shout with his spirit his name.

And then the 6 minutes occur, with Simon rescuing a captured princess, delivers a speech that ECLIPSES anything Kamina ever said, and then proceeds to make mincemeat of the Turtle Bastard’s mecha. The action is intense, the music (ESPECIALLY the insert image theme) is incredible and fits the situation, and Simon is BURSTING with the manly spirit that Kamina preached about. Once the action is over, the rest of the Great Gurren Brigade comes to accept Simon, and even makes him their leader. Really, the last six minutes of this episode pretty much IS the episode. Everything else is just buildup.

Simon is officially the main character of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and he’s shaping up to being an amazing one at that. Now let’s go kill the Helix King and his Generals, and then head into space. I’m strapped in for the rest of the season.