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So, keeping with DTZ’s plan to make a weekly post of season retrospect, I, your beloved (yeah right) second poster of this blog, will do the same, using the exact same list concepts, too!

Well, unless i get some sort of better idea.

Well, my top ten songs are as follows.

10: Romantic Summer (Seto no Hanayome OP). Its a fun, energetic song. It gives the anime this sort of weird beach party feel to it at the start, without being completely cheesy. Also, dancing giant octopus. I’ll say it again, because you probably didnt catch that. DANCING GIANT OCTOPUS!

9: Blood Queen (Kaibutsu Oujo OP) Another very fun song. Its a charged dark type song, without being actively evil, just energetic. And it gives a great feel for the hard energy and evil feel of this evil little fun show.

8: Moetteke! Sailor Fuku(Lucky Star OP) Well, every blog must comment on this one, so I’ll keep it brief. It is fun because I agree with a theory i saw that suggests that this opening, and the Lucky Star premiere, was made to screw with Haruhi fans expecting another series in that line.

7: Endscape (Toward the Terra OP1): UVERworld is a group I find myself enjoying immensly. They have a dramatic, excited style that lends itself nicely to shonen buildup. And it fits this remake sci fi series that seems to promise an epic scale.

6: Love is….(Terra ED 1): In a similar vein, the end song of the show is also excellent. It’s setup reminds me of being a lower key version of the ending of Fushigi Yugi, with its review feeling, as well as spilling into the series before the end. Its a soft, pleasant song with a lot of emotion in it.

5: Kimi + Boku = love? (Lovely Complex OP): A superb sounding romantic comedy opening. It mixes a happy sound, with a rather amused lyric base, to make a energetic piece of music that also is almost touching for being so fun.

4: Underground (Gurren Lagann ED): Well, DTZ likes the opening, for his reasons, and I enjoy this ending. The opening is fun, but has a certain typical feel to it. On the other hand, the odd punk like sound of this ending, combined with the stylistic art, is truely distinctive.

3: Little Bird (Bokurano ED): Beautiful piece of music. Soft, emotional, touching. And terrifying, added to a series as horrifyingly dark and cruel as Bokurano is. Little Bird is almost an epitath, a eulogy in song for the characters within.

2: Gravitation (Heroic Age OP): Every so often i look at the torrent lists, and tear my hair for the lack of a release of Heroic Age from the gr\oup we were watching (The other one publishing it, we don’t quite agree with, so we don’t watch it.) This opening, an extremely musical, explosively energetic piece of epic sums up that unique, regretfully neglected show.

1: Uninstall (Bokurano OP): Insane. I cannot, looking back through my memory, remember an anime song that chilled me to the core the way that this beatiful, haunting song does. It has that feeling of mystery and fear that we approached the beginning of the show with, and now, as it progresses, it seems to change to something darker and more doomed in our ears.

Well, that covers it for me. Join me tomorrow, when perhaps i continue to rip off my betters.