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The definition of insanity is, to some, the practice of attempting the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Since I keep making these posts expecting people to come to the blog and make comments, I clearly must be insane.

Regardless, it’s time for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? Wednesdays Special Edition, where I chronicle the top 10 most wonderfully weird moments of the season that I sadly did not write about due to other things that week or simple laziness. Alternate titles for this week include: “Now with MOAR BUTTSECKS!”, “LOLShinigami Dances For You”, “Song of sleep makes you sleepy,” and others. Ordering is completely arbitrary due to apathy.

Dio sez: Well, I don’t really have enough motivation to make my own thread, and i did help DTZ make the list, so I’m piggybacking onto the post, adding my comments to whatever I feel like.

10.) How to Repair a Roof, as taught by a Netherworld Robot (Kaibutsu Oujo Episode 1)

Repairing a roof is simple. Here, Furandre will demonstrate.

Step 1: Grab
First, grab the nearest hapless idiot…

Step 2: Throw
Then throw him on the roof until he fixes it for you.

It’s so simple, even a robot that knows one word can do it!

Dio says: Don’t forget, the hapless idiot in question needs to be semi-immortal, and therefore the series punching bag. Otherwise, you’re just gonna make things messier. Still would be fun to watch. Don’t forget to pick him up again when he inevitably falls off again. Join us next week, when Furandre speaks on how to keep your garden looking green and full of life. Something about dead wolves. “Huga.”

9.) The AMAZING adventures of Stupid (Gigantic Formula Episode 1)

Gigantic Formula has the dumbest main character ever.


Here is the best example of his sheer mental ineptitude.

You okay kid? This man here was just about to shoot you!


Stupid McStupidson, Ladies and Gentlemen!
And yet, all he can say is “Tokyo is Amazing.” YOU ALMOST GOT SHOT, KID.

From Dio:Hey, at least he wasn’t taking pictures of the gunfight. Guess the culture shock hasn’t quite worn off. Check back later, during the ninja fights. The best part is that the people around him HEAR his stupidity, and recognize it, and they STILL let him drive a giant robot piloted by black box technology with ancient giant statue head in it that was part of a global calamity that almost wiped out the species. The only reason this isn’t Eva is because the kid is so damn funny.



8.) BEST. MECHA OPENING METHOD. EVER. (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode 5)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has no shortage of humor. However, the general weirdness is actually kinda low key when compared to other series this season.

Well, except for this one scene…

Izzat a nose hair?
Headmechs, now with Nosehair!

Must... pull...
Try the Nosehair Pulling Action!

Oh holy crap
Nosehair Manual Release levers. What will we think of next?

Dio: Obviously, the next step is to make some sort of horribly gigantic mech that just walks around everywhere despite being horribly oversized and unbalan-, oh, right. Never mind. Hey, what would happen if pulling the release caused the robot to sneeze?

7.) Biblical Metaphor, or simply Appeasing the Loud Fangirls? You decide. (Death Note Episode 25)

Death Note Episode 25 was an odd episode, in that it is the only episode ofDeath Note that added content that wasn’t in the manga.

This includes a semi-homoerotic foot massage scene.


*Ahem.* Anyway, let us carry on.

Dio: Must we? Its so fun to keep looking at this.I mean, it looks like hes about to suck on Light’s toes, for crissakes. (L: Is crazy how important to my investigation this is.)

6.) Mahou Shoujo Transformation Sequence Oddities (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 5)

Take a moment, if you will, to peruse these Mahou Shoujo Transformation Sequences.

Now, what’s odd about some transformation sequences, even if they are a bit more risque than your typical transformation sequence?

I point out two things.

One: The boy, Elio, does not lose all his clothing. Through this observation, we can only conclude that the designers for this transformation system read Sluggy Freelance and agree with the principle that “In Tranformation Sequences, only the Girl’s outfits go transparent.”

Dio: That, or being lolicon is a safer thing to admit than shotacon. Correct me if im wrong, but didn’t some of the blog anger at this series shrink at this ep? Do the animators have to pass a background check in order to get stuck on that type of work, or do they all end up in therapy, anyways?

Two: Of the girls, Subaru, the Purple Haired Tomboy, is the only one whose panties we don’t get to see. Not even in the big clothes explosion. From that, I conclude that Subaru does, in fact, go commando in public.

Ponder on these for a moment.

Dio: Ok, done. And what did I conclude? The animators LOVE the fact that Nanoha has cleavage now. Also, the stock transformation footage and connected sequences were about 6 minutes of a 20 minute episode. WTF?

5.) LOLRyuk Does the Apple Dance of Happy Happy! (Death Note Opening 2)

We like apples, yes we do! We like apples, how about you?

I honestly have nothing more to say.

Dio says: Does anyone else hear “Happy Happy Joy Joy!”?

4.) SURPRISE! BUTTSECKS! (Hayate the Combat Butler Episode 8 )

Hayate the Combat Butler has never been a show that’s nice to its main character. It falls into the genre of Schadenfruede shows. However, Episode 8 is particularly cruel to our poor butler hero.

I mean, not only does Nagi force Hayate to dress up in a Catgirl outfit, this turns on Tama the tiger and results in…

Nice kitty...
Ummm… Tama… I don’t think that’s a real Catgirl…

Good kitty...
No! Bad Tama! No Buttsecks!

That’s… that’s just not right…

3.) At least it’s not a Jigglypuff (Seto no Hanayome Episode 9)

So in Seto no Hanayome, Sun has a variety of musical “arts,” which act much like the special moves in various shounen animes. It’s one of the things that has given Seto no Hanayome a very Absurdist Shounen feel. The third musical art we see, though, the song of sleep…

Is very special.

Yes, folks, Yodeling not only puts people to sleep, but also missiles.

2.) SURPRISE! MOAR BUTTSECKS! (Shining Tears X Wind Episode 7)

So, as you may recall, Dio Bravo did an EXCELLENT WTF!? Wednesday on Shining Tears X Wing. Well, Emperor Promiscuous Glasses is at it again, this time with the show’s resident Ghaleon lookalike.

The wind up...
Note the strategically positioned head as the “Soul Blade” is “Drawn.”

Here's the pitch...
Very submissive Elf-ish Bishonen, no?


Dio: The best part is when the sword opens up, and fires a gigantic white beam at its target. And to top it off, in the next episode the resident bishie angel gives the main character, who I argue is married to the bishie, a sponge bath. Hooray for confused anime!

1.) In Japan, Anime Stores are very competitive. (Lucky Star Episode 10)

Lucky Star in general is a fairly random series, mostly about nothing. Sometimes, though, that nothing becomes SUPER NOTHING, and the series goes batshit insane. The best example of this, in terms of both animation and general weirdness, is from episode 10. Check it out.