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“Why is no one subbing our show, Junpei?” “Calm down, Seikichi…”

Much like Seikichi is in my caption, I am frustrated about the lack of fansubber attention on my pick for “underdog” of the season, Oh-Edo Rocket. As such, this is my theme this week for Quickie Saturdays. Come join me as I vent about things on this Quickie Saturday, April 14th 2007.

Oh-Edo Rocket

Due to lack of fansubbers picking up this series, I have been forced to watch this series raw, which means I can’t yet add it to main series yet. And this makes me sad.

I mean, what’s not to love here? Studio Madhouse is doing the animation, and is doing a fantastic job of it. The series is gorgeous, with the characters being incredibly fluid with their quirky animations, and the backgrounds and their Okami-style watercolor ink painting art. The series is directed by Seiji Mizushima, the director of Full Metal Alchemist, and it’s off to a great and wonderful start with its story.



Another Studio Madhouse production this season, with production values and animation reminiscent of Death Note. Haven’t watched the second episode yet, but I did enjoy the first episode to an extent. Blood and guts filled action series with girls carrying huge swords. Fun stuff.

Fansubbing attention: Good. At least one group is putting out episodes and is keeping up.

Deserving of Fansubber attention?: Sure. It’s a good series so far.

More so than Oh-Edo Rocket?: NO.

Darker than Black

From Studio Bones comes an odd series that half reminds me of Cowboy Bebop and half makes me wonder what the heck is going on. Could be a very good series, especially with the pedigree of the people behind it.

Fansubbing Attention: Good. Groups are following it and keeping up nicely.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention?: If it lives up to the promise of its pedigree, then certainly.

More so than Oh-Edo Rocket?: NO.

El Cazador de la Bruja

A Noir/Madlax clone from the creator of Noir and Madlax. Started off faster than either of its respective series, but they didn’t make it to the theater store before hand and so all the stage blood was bought out by Claymore, and so they’re stuck trying to hide the fact that they’re shooting blanks with clever camera angles.

Fansubber Attention: Very Good. Three groups have picked it up and should end up keeping up nicely.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention?: Not as good as it’s getting, no.

More Deserving than Oh-Edo Rocket?: HELL NO.

Gigantic Formula

The year is 2035. Earth has been scorched by years of dangerous warfare, including a rather horrific black band of DEATH running north to south at some point. Earth cannot afford another devastating war, and so a new war plan is set up. Each nation participating gets one mecha to fight in this “Wise World War.” Japan, unable to find a qualified pilot, instead turns to searching out a vaguely established “Chosen One,” who happens to be a dopey middle shool aged kid who appears to have NO idea what’s going on in the world, and in fact qualifies to fly the mech thinking the qualification exam is a video game tournament.

No, that’s not a good example of just how dopey this kid is. How about this: as soon as the tournament ends, China attacks Japan with their Mech, and when the kid sees a gunfight in the midst of the chaos, all he can say is “Tokyo IS amazing!” like a freaking space cadet. And yet somehow he’s a genius mecha pilot with a DESTINY. He’s also the ONLY character in the entire show worth watching, if only to watch him bumble his way to victory like an idiot. Five bucks says he ends up thinking the whole thing is one big game.

Fansubber Attention: A group subbed the first episode, so Dio Bravo and I watched.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention?: With wonderful series like Oh-Edo Rocket being ignored? Heck no!

Kamichama Karin

From the mangaka who brought us such delightfully sugary EVIL as DigiCharat, comes a delightfully sugary EVIL Magical Girl Parody. It’s sort of like Bruce Almighty, the Magical Girl show.

My head.

Fansubber Attention: It’s being subbed.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention?: Not if Oh-Edo Rocket isn’t being subbed, it isn’t.

Lucky Star

Kyoto Animation’s over-hyped series fails to impress pretty much everyone on the first episode. I’m not surprised or underwhelmed. It’s exactly what I expected: meaningless fluff of an anime based on a 4-koma. Hell, it started off pretty much EXACTLY like Azumanga Daioh did in terms of humor: a few bits of humor but mostly “huh?” My guess is wait a few episodes before panning it.

Fansubber Attention: Two groups are already on it.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention: We’ll see.

More so than Oh-Edo Rocket?: NO.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Okay, I admit. I finished watching both Season 1 and Season 2 of this, and this series is ready to be bumped up to Main Coverage anytime in my eyes. It is fun and awesome.

I just want to write a little something on Seasons 1 and 2 first… maybe…?

Fansubber Attention: Thankfully yes. Only hindered by supply of decent raws.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention: Oh heck yes.

More so than Oh-Edo Rocket: …okay, I’ll give you this one.

Shining Tears X Wind

You find yourself in a strange world with the girl you just confessed your love to. Suddenly, a goblin appears! Command? STRANGLE.

This series is soooooooo very RPGish. In fact, I want to MST it for its RPGness.

Hell, early on, we see a random bishonen with Black and White wings. A version of our response:

Dio Bravo: Don’t do that, you might summon them.
DTZ: Heh, that’d be a powerful summon spell. “SUMMON FANGIRL! ATTACK WITH SLASH!” Final Boss: “Oh god, what is that… YOU DREW ME DOING WHAT?!? AND WITH HIM!?!?!”

So, yes. Very silly JRPG inspired anime that isn’t even trying to hide its origins. Hell, there are even random encouters! And a Chinese Catgirl Ninja!

Fansubber Attention: Someone’s subbing it at least.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention?: For humor purposes, at least.

More so than Oh-Edo Rocket?: Aheh, no.

Romeo x Juliet

More on this series later. Dio Bravo and I have a few things to work out. Will get it’s own… special… big post.

Fansubber attention: People are subbing it, albeit slowly.

Deserving of Fansubber Attention?: It all depends if Gonzo can work the Gankutsuou Magic on the classic play.

More Deserving than Oh-Edo Rocket?: No.

Princess Resurrection

Fugao! Fugao!
What’s that, Flan-chan? Hiro got hit with steel girders?

So, Princess Resurrection is not being subbed yet, but it’s still new. Also fun. Flandre is so cute with her ultra-strong tree-swinging fugao-saying nature. Want subs.

Want subs more than I want subs for Oh-Edo Rocket?: Nope.