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Well, as before, I shall continue to rip off DTZ. This volume is 2 and a half, because my help in yesterday’s work was not enough to be a full ripoff ,merely a short term piece of work.

Well, without further ado (ADOOOOOO! sorry, fell into a webcomic joke there.), lets hear what I think on the series. I don’t feel like doing any honorable mentions, so I shall go with pure top 10.

10: Toward the Terra. As a science fiction show with a rather fascinating realization of hidden dystopic society, this show has a great deal of potential. There’s some character issues so far, but it has the opportunity to work. Grade: B-

9: Seto no Hanayome. I haven’t seen as much as the others on this series, so I’m placing it lower, but at least it hasn’t gone harem. Grade: B

8: Nanoha StrikerS: You may notice the theme that shows ive seen less of have a lower score, since i’m still judging them. But im with DTZ. what is WRONG with you people, that you hate it so? Grade: B

7: Lovely Complex: A fine down to earth series, Lovely Complex seems to be a true, as in reality based, love story based on a simple concept: People worry about how they look around others. Grade: B+

6: Hayate: Well, I like it, a lot. But i haven’t embraced it the same way others have. I just feel dulled sometimes by the fact that Hayate himself is so blandly cheerful towards everything. He has a lot of abilities, but he feels like hes got no depth for it. Grade: B+

5: Kaibutsu Oujo: I guess I just have a soft spot for monster movies. The little sorts of jokes they sneak in, like the appearance of the Triffid, are wonderful. And Furandre is awesome in all senses. Grade: A-

4: Shining Tears x Wind: Is it fair to give a high spot to a series that exists entirely as a bad joke to us? Maybe not, but its too wonderfully funny to say anything else about. Grade: A-(for humor, only)

3: Lucky Star: Wacky and wacked, entirely. What else is ther eto say? Grade: A

2: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: I was startled at the speed with which this series became amazing. It moved along at a happy, solid pace, before exploding right in our faces with amazing style. Grade: A+

1: Bokurano: Dark, beautiful, disturbing, twisted, evil, and darkly comedic at times, what else can you ask for with a series? Grade: A+++

Well, nothing more to say. Wow, i watched a lot of series start this season.