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Good afternoon, esteemed guests. It is the second-to-last day of the Spring 2007 review week, a week that, despite the amount of work I’ve had to do for it, has been incredibly fun. Today’s list is my top 10 favorite characters of the season. It’s gonna be a challenge to build, for sure. Let’s dive right on in, though, and see where it takes us.

10.) Sora (Oh-Edo Rocket)


The hilarious starry-eyed female lead of Oh-Edo Rocket is a wonderful character that I just wish I could understand what she says. Due to only one episode being subbed so far, I still don’t quite understand the words that come out of her mouth. Of course, there are times where it doesn’t matter, like in the incredible gibberish sequence in episode 5.

9.) Gai Kurasawa (Darker than Black)

“My name is Gai Kurasawa, and I’m a Private Eye. I make a living spying on these dank, rotten people.”

This bumbling private eye came into Darker than Black as though he were in a Noir detective film, a facade that was instantly swept from under his feet when his Otaku Fangirl assistant burst through the door. Gai is a comedy character through and through, a sort of modern take on Zenigata of Lupin III fame. He’s also been the most fun character to follow in Darker than Black, trying his absolute hardest to be a serious private eye but failing miserably, and instead getting caught in the middle of contractor fights. I certainly hope he shows up again.

8.) Subaru Nakajima (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

“Only being able to cry, and not able to do anything… I won’t do that anymore.”

I love all the returning cast from the first two seasons, there is no doubt. However, Subaru remains the character that turned me on to the Nanoha franchise in the first place. Her tomboyish charm and attitude, as well as her nifty skills, were among the primary reasons I sought out the first two series after I watched the first episode of StrikerS. And she’s not disappointed me afterwards, either. Rollerblade-Powerglove-chan for the win.

7.) Furandre (Princess Resurrection)


Let’s see, short cute maid robot with a vocabulary of one word and enough strength to destroy anyone who complains about that? Yeah, Furandre is a real winner. Best character to ever only be able to say one thing.

6.) Ten no Koe (Hayate the Combat Butler)

“What a STUPID main character we have.”

The voice of the heavens, voiced by one of the gods of voice acting in Japan. The sarcastic and biting commentary of Ten no Koe remains one of the most fun parts of Hayate the Combat Butler, even if he has been getting less lines lately.

5.) The Seto Clan (Seto no Hanayome)

“The alternate reading of Ninkyo (Chivalry) is NINGYO! (Mermaid)”

When I say the Seto Clan, I really refer to four characters: Seto Sun, the female lead of Seto no Hanayome, her father, Seto Gouzaburo, the series favorite running gag Masa-san, and Shark Fujishiro. These four character make up a large chunk of the personality of the Seto Clan, the Yakuza Mermaid family at the center of the events of Seto no Hanayome. And they’re all such equally fun characters that I feel inclined to give them one spot.

By herself, Sun is incredibly fun. Eternally air-headed, but in a cute way, she instigates most of the problems that happen almost completely by accident. She also has Ranma Syndrome, but thankfully it’s never really all that obtrusive.

However, her father and his two top lackeys are the real stars of the Show. Gouzaburo is little more than a loving father figure that wants what is best for his daughter. The only catch is he’s a Yakuza with a real short temper. Imagine King Triton with a bigger stick up his bum. Yeah, that’s about right.

Masa-san and Shark Fujishiro make up two of the most entertaining side characters in anime history. Masa-san is the one male member of the Seto Clan that DOESN’T seem to have it in for Nagasumi, and is an eternal fountain of advice, but that’s not why he’s fun. He’s fun because he is an embellishment on a parody of that stupid anime joke about “CPR = First Kiss.” Nagasumi’s “crush” on Masa-san is one of the silliest and most hilarious running gags I’ve seen in a long time. The fact that he scares Dio Bravo and Dominic Raze only adds to his fun. ^_^ As for Shark Fujishiro, he’s literally a one joke character… but then again, he’s a perpetually pissed-off shark-man. He doesn’t NEED more than one joke.

These four main players of the Seto Clan are one of the best reasons to watch Seto no Hanayome.

4.) Isako (Denno Coil)

“Fine, I’ll play with you. You’re the one who started it, so you have it coming.”

The coolest character in Denno Coil, Isako is one tough girl you DON’T want to mess with. While a number of questions still swirl around her, she still manages to impress solely with her abilities and take-no-shit attitude. I really can’t say much more about it; she’s simply awesome.

3.) Akira Kogami (Lucky Star)


Akira and Shiraishi remain to this day THE main reason I watch Lucky Star. The stuff before Lucky Channel is fun and keeps getting more fun, but the misadventures of these two characters is still the highlight of Lucky Star. And really, it wouldn’t be possible without the bipolar “cute” star of Lucky Channel. Shiraishi may get more fan mail, but Akira is still my favorite. Trying to overthrow Twintails with Twindrills may be a strange and nigh unaccomplishable goal… but I’m not gonna argue with her. She might kill me.

2.) Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

“Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That’s the Gurren Brigade way!”

Kamina cuts an impressive figure throughout his eight episode run of TTGL. He always stands tall and proud, his huge sunglasses are the strongest evokers of FLCL in the series, and his attitude and dialog resonates long after his time is up. He is a man who sees a mecha he likes and decides that, reason be damned, I’m gonna steal that from its pilot no matter what. He is a man who stands up to anyone, no matter how tough they stand. He is a man who doesn’t let a little thing like Whedon-style cheap death kill him until HE’S ready to die.

However, the strongest bit of development we obtain from him comes after his death, in episode 11. An episode before, we hear from Simon a story of how the two got trapped in a cave-in during one of their escape attempts. From Simon’s perspective, he kept drilling because he was inspired by Kamina’s determination. However, in episode 11, we find out that Kamina also told this story to Yoko once, and from his view, he was flustered in that situation, but refused to show it, and when he saw Simon’s calm determination, he was inspired in his own way. The bond of Kamina and Simon is one of the best friendships I have seen in anime, and it is that bond that truly propels Kamina this far.

1.) Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

“Who the hell do you think I am? I am Simon. I am not Kamina’s brother. I AM ME! SIMON THE DIGGER!”

Choosing between Kamina and Simon for number 1 was difficult, but I ended up needing to give the position to the little guy. Simon has left a stronger impression on me, due to him showing us more of himself. In the first arc, we see shades of the hero that is to come, a dependable man who never gives up, hidden beneath the visage of a scaredy cat of a young boy. He has a few incredible moments, especially in episodes 1 and 7, but is sort of overshadowed by the towering Kamina.

His admiration for his “brother” causes him to flip out quite spectacularly after Kamina’s death. Thankfully, he finds a way to pierce through his troubles, and through it he also breaks through the coward shield, and shows us that he can stand tall and proud, like Kamina, but still be himself.

As of episode 12, Simon is showing that he really is his own person, and not just another Kamina. He’s steadier than Kamina, less reckless, but still just as determined to break through whatever comes his way. I’m starting to see just why the series has the subtitle “Tengen Toppa” (which literally translates to Heavenly Breakthrough.)

Simon’s story of growth into a man has been compelling so far, but the story is only half told. His next stage is to show us what he DOES as the man he has become. And I cannot wait to see what it is.