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Ahhh, the week is almost over. Anime Expo is next week, and just like they’re coming down to the wire preparing, I am as well, with an Ouendan jacket to finish and a stack of Ouendan armbands to sew up. But tonight, it is relax time, and I’m finishing out the Spring 2007 Review Week by joining in the Anime Blog trend of previewing the next season a few weeks before it comes up.

That said, I intend to do things a bit differently than my counterparts. But just a bit. While most bloggers will write something about all the series they know are coming and then say if they intend to watch, I’m only going to look at the series I intend to try out. I figure, what’s the point putting effort into writing about something I’ve no intention to partake in?

So, let’s take a look at what’s coming this summer.

Tetsuko no Tabi

Start Date: 6-24-2007 (Hey, that’s tomorrow!)
Reason for interest: The premise of this series seems a little odd at first (The Chronicles of a Mangaka that travels with an Otaku,) but somehow that strikes me as potentially interesting. The real world is a better source of humor and comedy than many would think.

Kodomo no Jikan

Start Date: Sometime in July
Reason for interest: This seemingly lolicon-targeted “romance” series has been quite a lightning rod of hate from the more conservative members of the anime fanbase who hate anything that associates their hobby with perverts, pedophiles and general ecchiness. By all accounts, I should be avoiding this as well; normally, this wouldn’t be my kind of thing. However, Dio Bravo and I have decided that it could make for a potentially fun game of anime chicken: see who can stay in the game longest before fleeing.


Start Date: 7-3-2007
Reason for interest: My initial response was, “Another series with Shinigami? There really is no creativity left in Japan, is there?” However, the artwork I’ve seen so far looks good, and there’s no real reason I can find NOT to watch it, so I’ll give this series a fair shake.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

Start Date: 7-3-2007
Reason for interest: A comedy centered around a swimming club, Umisho isn’t what I’d expect to interest me… but neither was Yakitate!! Japan, a comedy centered around bread baking, and that turned out entertaining, so why not. Plus, skinny dipping!

Doujin Work

Start Date: 7-3-2007
Reason for interest: One of the charming things about Genshiken is its focus on Otaku culture, with alot of emphasis on Doujinshi (with most of that emphasis on Hentai Doujinshi, but I digress.) Doujin Work is a series about making Doujinshi. I figure since it is four koma, Doujin Work will probably be tamer, and if it can have fun with its premise, it could be a decent series. No reason I can see to keep me away.


Start Date: 7-3-2007 (Seems like a big day for anime)
Reason for interest: Pedigree of the original creator, Ichiro Sakaki, who created Scrapped Princess, a series I’m quite fond of. Also, it has an oddly interesting premise.


Start Date: 7-5-2007
Reason for interest: The art and general premise have me fascinated. Plus, series based on light novels have a good track record for me (Slayers, Scrapped Princess, Haruhi, Full Metal Panic all are significant series in my book, and all are based on light novels.)

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

Start Date: 7-6-2007
Reason for interest: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni was a wonderful(ly evil) suspense mystery… but the mystery hasn’t been completely solved yet. Season 2 looks to be the wrap up. I can’t wait.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Start Date: 7-7-2007
Reason for interest: The art. I’ve seen lots of art for this series, and it always reminds me of Gankutsuou. Also, the name is quite catchy.


Start Date: 7-8-2007
Reason for interest: When I first saw the name and art for Moetan, I was resolved to put it away instantly. It was so unabashedly playing the moe card it looked like complete pedobait. Then Dio Bravo did some research… and now this series is one of my most anticipated series of the season. Moetan is based on a series of English teaching aids for otaku. Now I get the feeling that even if it does go full magical girl story, it will be to magical girl series what Yakitate!! Japan is to Shounen: a complete and utter riotous parody. However, I’m hoping more for the option where it more heavily lifts from the source, since Japanese VAs spouting broken Engrish that references nerdy things is just made of pure win.


Start Date: 7-26-2007
Reason for interest: I read the description on ANN, and my eyes went wide with joy. A prohibition-era period piece with alchemy (I’m of the strong opinion that after FMA and Busou Renkin, anime needs more Alchemy)? Sign me up, it sounds somehow… original. The 26th of July can’t come soon enough.