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Hi. I feel that although I participate more these days in the blog, especially with the new conversation format we’ve been using, I don’t do enough for the blog yet. DTZ has, among other things, written several very well constructed, thought provoking essays. So I’ve decided to try my hand at one, focusing on a question that bothers me. I’ve been thinking a long time on this question. It is a question that occurred to me about a year ago, give or take, and has persisted until now. That question is on the anime Busou Renkin. The most recent complete work from Nobuhiro Watsuki, the manga writer best known for Rurouni Kenshin, BR is a fun romp through most of the basic concepts of shonen manga and anime, a cheery, amusing, but at the same time genuinely enjoyable experience.

And yet, as far as the public seems to be concerned, it is nothing. Axed by Weekly Shonen Jump early, it clocked only 10 volumes, a little over a third of Kenshin. Watsuki was forced to cut the story short, truncating the ending, although he did manage to actually create one. It barely comes up in mention, and the general feeling one gets when hearing about BR is that it is an inferior product. Its anime passed almost without comment, from what I could see, although I admit that I wasn’t as often looking through the blogging community at the time. So why did this happen? Why did a genuinely good series, by one of the best manga writers of our age, become such a pariah?

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